Old Gateway/Router as network switch?

My ISP is switching from the MCI backbone to Covad. As a result, I am getting a new Broadxent/Britepoint DSL modem and have a spare Efficient/Speedstream modem lying around.

Can I use my old Speedstream Gateway/Router as a stand-alone network switch? If so, do I need to do anything in order to use it as such, or can I plug in and go? If the answer is "no", it looks like I'm off to the local electronics recycler!

Kenny Anderson
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  1. Standalone, See No problem.
    Set for DHCP.

    It won't work like a switch. So if you try to chain this with another router, causes problem. Standalone GOOD TO GO
  2. Yes, standalone. No other gateways/routers/switches/etc. on the system. Basically, I would just use this for filesharing for machines off of the DSL-equipped network.

    Thanks for the response. Just to clarify, though, will this only work with DCHP on the connected machines? Not that I would need to do so with the setup described above, but are you saying I won't be able to specify IP addresses for the connected machines (192.168.x.x)?

    Thanks again,
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