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Ok... I purchased my Core 2 Duo setup about a month ago and I got a GIGABYTE GA-945P-S3 motherboard to hold me over until the Rd600 was released. I have my E6400 over clocked to 2.8 on this motherboard, but I want to go faster. I found out today that the Rd600 is not going to be released until the end of November. I am tired of waiting and I am ready to take full advantage of my CPU. My question is, what motherboard should I choose to get the most out of my Core Duo? Or should I just wait for the Rd600? Thanks for the advice in advance!
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  1. The RD600 seems to be very promising at OCing, but if you cant wait anymore (and I advice you that you do) the go for a Abit AW9D-MAX. Currently winning the FSB contest.
  2. Hey, I'd say the ASUS P5B DELUXE, not vanilla, would be a great choice also. Its a very OC friendly mobo. I currently use it with a E66 and it is OC'd to 3200 with the HSF intel provides with the retail package. With a good hsf or water cooling, there are many people reaching above 3600 and 4000 effectively. Also has many bios updates, more than others mobo's I think?
  3. Its gotten many BIOS revision because it was kinda sucky at the beginning. But now with the unlocked multipliers, improoved overclock ability and crossfire support its a very good mobo worth looking at.
    The Gigabyte DS3 matches its potential for $50 less though...
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