NEW LOW END X-FI Xtreme Audio

okay i was surfing threw newegg looking for a new sound card to buy and i came across this

its looks like a lower end x-fi, even the processor doesn't look the same as it does on the regular x-fis but it would be interseting to see how this sound card compares to the older Audigy2 family of cards.

creative also had this card in their website

has any body heard reviews or news about this sound card?
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  1. That's the first I heard of it, but then we don't have the upgrade kit out over here yet either. It's not that much cheaper than the OEM X-Fi Xtreme Music card though.
  2. It appears, on the surface, as a nice replacement for the Audigy 4.
  3. I would say all X-FI chips have the same ADC and DAC's as the other X-Fi series, just less inputs/outputs, and more features. So for what it does, it will probably be equivalent to other X-Fi's i.e. 5.1 channel sound.

    Actually, looking more at it, the specs don't emphasize the DAC's nor ADC's... so it might not be as good...

    Just go for the Xtreme Music, its no much more expensive, and it works fine for nearly everyone.
  4. Actually, as I understand it, the Elite Pro offers better DACs than the 4 lesser models, at least according to Creative's website.

    "...Unique to Sound Blaster Elite Pro are professional-quality digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and an incredible 116 dB SNR...."
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