[color=blue]Dual core today Quad core tommorow - AM2 VS 975X

Dual core today Quad core tommorow - AM2 VS 975X ?

1) What system will be better ready for 4 cores next year?

Intel annonce 975x will be compatible and we know K8L will be on AM2 -

What to choose?

2) What do you think about choosing PD-805 OR ATHLON X2 3800 with the above system untill Quad core will be affordable and then just replace the processor?

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  1. Read this, as not all 975Xs are equal when considering Quad-Core support.
  2. yeah you're right, though i think the main reason why they're bringing out the bad axe 2 is because of kentsfield. Though would it say on the box that you're getting a BX2 instead of a BX1, as they're both of the same chipset, the 975x?
  3. Read it.

    I'm Taking into acount that the 975 mobo will be compatible with quad core and will make sure when buying.

    If I'll buy AM2 then I'll have K8L next year to upgarde by replacing the cpu - I'm not sure if it will possible?

    If I'll buy 975 then I'll have the quad core next year but not native quad.

    Should I wait for 4x4?

    My comp today is ATHLON 64 3000+.

    My main use is video editing and encoding. not games.

    What would you suggest?
  4. 1)someone said that there is a rumour that md quad core (native) will be on socket F NOT AM2, not sure about it though, if it is true or not.

    2) Native intel quad core will be released in 2008 with the Nahlem uarch (is that the right uarch)? only two years away, can't wait! :P LOL

    3)No, don't wait for 4x4, it's 'rubbish,' expensive, power hungry (compared to kentsfield) and not to mention expensive. You can't use just one cpu and then buy annother when you need more horsepower, you have to BUY BOTH at the SAME TIME. All it is is just a server platform with ddr2 and other desktop like attributes (sli etc)

    kentsifeld, if it's the same performance or better than 4x4 will (i guess) use less power because there is only one cpu core. 8)

    kentsfield=110w? tdp
    athlon fx62 (just for the sake of comparisons, i know they use fx 70 series in the 4x4 platform but i dont have the data)= 125w tdp

    now to operate the 4x4 platform you need 2 cpus so double the power of one fx62 and you get 250w, JUST FOR THE PROCESSOR(S)....
    And this 4x4 might not even be able to beat kensfield....
  5. The chipset is basically the same, but as the article points out, the board is not.

    AKIRA972, you processor is still strong enough to last you until both Kentsfield and K8L come out. Wait until the stuff arrives and reviews have been made before spending your money.
  6. I'll do that.

    I'll wait to 4 cores because It's the better choise for video.
    Probebly for the first native K8L (65n).

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