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What is the best gaming LCD monitor, non-widescreen, 19" that I can find?

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  1. How much money have you got to spend?
  2. Go into some computer shops and check some out. The "best" monitor may screw with your eyes something chronic, and the "lower" monitor might be best for you.

    For something like a monitor, don't buy on reading reviews or other people's recommendations, buy on your personal tastes.

    (of course, for something like a monitor it's ok to reject a monitor from consideration based on reading reviews or other people's recommendations)
  3. Im after one myself tbh, not wanting to spend much more than £150 either which doesn't help.

    You want a monitor with lower 'ms' times. Ideally 5ms or lower. Although I dont personally know about being able to compare a 5ms monitor to a 8-16ms monitor so Im still dubious about spending extra cash on a monitor based on what other people have said and whether or not I could personally tell the difference.

    Scan, Dabs and Overclockers have good deals (Overclockers had a offer for one 19inch which was £130 with 5ms BUT it was widescreen :evil: )
  4. Viewsonic VX922 is the best for speed/quality balance AFAIK, but the best 19" LCD available (all round) still remains the VP930b. I've got one :)
  5. The Viewsonic VX922 is arguably the best 19" LCD gaming monitor hands down.

    It has a 2ms response won't find that on any other lcd monitors out there.

    It's also the best price to performance out of all the monitors available on the market.
  6. Is there really such a thing? I mean it's all in the specs, you know refresh rates, dot pitch, responce time. bla bla bla. I don't think it's a brand thing, you just need to go ouit and do the home work on that one.
  7. Quote:
    How much money have you got to spend?

    About $300,00, $400,00 max...

    I was recommended the samsung 931c, but I can't find it on newegg anymore, and I couldn't find much information about it on google... what happened?
  8. If you are into gaming, then resolution is a concern. I have a 20 inch Samsung that costs a little over that 19 inch posted. It is 1600X1200. This is only good if you have a card that can handle that resolution. You said $300 to $400 and this is $350 before the rebate,
    I have the 16ms, older version and I love it. This one is 5 ms. I could not be happier with my 204T (the one I linked is better and cheaper, the 204B).

    Oh, and I have a 6600GT for a video card. I do not play any of the new games though, Quake 4 and DoW are as advanced as I play. It can run the resolution with out any of the AA AF on, so if you have better you will be fine.
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