Best MicroATX (Core2Duo/Socket 775) motherboard/chipset

Hello all, I was just curious if anybody had any idea what the best MicroATX motherboards and/or chipsets are on the market for the Intel Core 2 Duo right now and how they compare with the ATX 975X chipsets.

I don't expect it to have dual PCIe slots, but I'd like something right about as fast as the 975X mobos ive tested.

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated... and thanks
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  1. I think I saw a barebone with a mATX 975x chipset motherboard on Scan a week or two ago... found it the Shuttle XPC SD37-P2, but no sign of a mobo in that set yet. I think there are some G965 chipset boards out there as well for MATX, they would probably be your best bet for a C2D mATX build right now. Lots of options you can get through google under G965 and mATX.
  2. Yeah, I knew that G965's were a possibility, I wasn't sure how they differed as far as speed and features, though. I still have to do my homework on that. I'll look into it now that I know its a viable option, though. Thanks for comments from the both of you :)
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