Strange sound

Thanks for reading
I hear HDD activity sound through my speaker I even hear something when I
move the mouse )
I use AC 97 onboard sound card with Asus A8N32 SLI board
please help
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  1. hi
    you use an onboard card which draw its rescoues from cpu,and load cpu about 20%.
    propably is the reason for the sound you get.
    also is a good idea to check your mouse setting,if there are any sound
    configurations for mouse?
    i wouldd recomand yo get an new sound blaster card.
  2. you can also get the same results from having the in/outs configured wrong for ac97. Like having a speaker hooked up to an input. Most ac97 have 3 in/outs. Whats more confusing is that they can be reassigned :| internally. So its supposed to be front out/rear out/mic input. but! lol it can be configured so the rear can be a line in... check the config.
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