Overclocking on Intel DQ965GF motherboard (is it possible?)

I recently bought Intel DQ965GF motherboard and Core 2 Duo processor. I know that this motherboard is not meant for overclocking and frankly I don't want to overclock that much but I wonder if it is possible just out of curiosity. I can't find any option for overclocking in BIOS.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Intel board is crap. It's expensive but doesn't give any facilities to "play". :lol:

    Well, don't regret it dude. It doesn't mean it's a bad board.

    Maybe you can try some "on the fly" overclocking tools such as SoftFSB.
    I don't know if this program know already C2D.
  2. Have tried softfsb and some other software tools, none of them has support for some or other timer chipset everyone is talking about.
    I would also (out of curiosity) like to see what type of performance boost one can get with overclocking of a E6400 chip.
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