Overclocking E6800 only thing buggy is BF2????

ok i have been abol to over clock the cpu to 3.5 with good temps at full load around 60C. everything runs ok except bf2. the computer ither crashes or goes back to the desktop. i am running p5b delux wifi 2 gig of corsair 800 ram 4-4-4 timings and a 7950 gx2 OC to 750 X 550 witch runs round 55C with custom fan shroud. cpu volt is 3.375 mul 13X 270 ram volt is 2.1 win xp

plz help and i hope i am not forgeting anything
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  1. yup ran it for 10 hours while at work. i have also run setie at home for a lot long periods of time to. i have also ran the memtes for almost 9 hours to to make sure the ram was ok when i got it. i thought it may have been my video card so i placed the cpu back to stock setings and kept the card OC everything was stable. on a side note could be be because i do not run the memory at 1.1 ratio???
  2. i ran mem 86 for a few hours no errors. no blue screen. computer ither reboots or closes bf2 and goes back to windows screen.
  3. He already ran memtest, I read in tweak guides that for some reason BF2 does not always run right with OC'ing, he did not really give a reason why but it says it in the BF2 Tweak guide....i dunnohave you tried maybe clocking down to say 3.3ghz or so and see if it does the same thing?
  4. BF2 is always buggy my man. What video card/drivers and audio card/drivers do you have? BF2 HATES not having all the latest drivers. Also, I found that NVidia's Beta drivers make it unstable too...So I went back to the normal drivers and its better now.
    For example...when I play BF2 for the first time of the day, after about 10 min of gameplay it'll do the same thing. Bluescreen, crash, or go back to desktop. If I restart my comp after the crash and play, I never have the problem for the rest of the day. It's very, very odd. But that's what happens for me.
    All I can suggest it make sure you have all the latest drivers, defrag your hdd, make sure you have the latest BF2 patch (1.4). Even maybe reinstall it, I had to do that once as well.
  5. With any of my OC's BF2 finds a reason to screw me over. Usually it finds a way to detect a memory error and kicks me from the server saying I am cheating ooooooh

    Damn fun game.
  6. Hah! Sucker! :P Just kidding, but that happened to me in Half Life 2: Deathmatch. I had a "Monster Kill" then died, respawned and proceeded to my one and only, the rare "Holy Shit" (luckily got a screenshot) and the admin booted me. He said I was "camping" when I only use GravGun/Grenade/Stunstick lol. It was pretty lame, but a proud moment in a way.

    To OP: I have had BF2 problems also, it is just a buggy game, all my friends crash often. Some older video drivers seem to be better, but that is all experiment and time if you want to try it.
  7. Quote:
    You know this might sound a bit crazy but I do remember having another problem with BF2 related to an overclocked system. What I did was reinstall the game with my system already overclocked to how I wanted it and everything was fine!

    I had the same problem with Oblivion and after reinstalling it with my system set like I wanted it the problem went away.

    Its worth a try.

    Remember if you Overclock to give this method a shot. I fixed all my problems with certain games.

    i will give it a try and i am runing the latest forcware drivers and latest xifi drivers and latest update on bf2 1.4
  8. I got my machine to OC 3.8Ghz stable on Prime95 and CPUBurn (all night running 2 instances) then played a game (oblivion) and it rebooted.
    I found a good test Intel Thermal Analisys Tool(TAT)
    when running TAT I start the workload test it reboots in 5 min.
    Clocking it down to 3.6Ghz it runs stable. no crashes in games.
    that might be a good test for you to try and run.

    It won't answer as to why it isn't stable but at least you will know it is stable or not.

    my 2¢
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