upgrade my radeon 9800pro

hello everyone,

my system is P4 3.0
mobo MSI neo 965
2x 120 gb hard drives in raid 0
1 gig ram
radeon 9800pro agp

Now my question is I would like to upgrade the video card because it seems to show slow response time when playing mod games of Rome Total War , Barbarian Invasion, Elders Scrolls Morrowind.

What would be a good card for my system as I would also like to give a shot at playing Oblivion.

Also should I upgrade the RAM

Thank you
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  1. RAM should be enough.

    Your best bet is the sub-$200 7600 GT for AGP, I hear they're available again.
  2. Depends on your buget, I have run oblivion on my xp3200 with a 1600pro... if you have the cash, a 7600gt would be an even better card to get...
  3. That's still a decent system so I'll go with CLeeve on the 7600GT. Shoot, the 7800GS is starting to come down so if you find one of those for $200 it would be a little bit faster. (IMO not worth over $200-$210 with the 7600GT for $180) Also if you can find a X850XTpe or X850XT for less than the 7600GT they compete with the 7800GS and 7600GT, but give up SM3.0. (They would be faster in Oblivion, but you give up HDR.)

    If those are all too expensive, a $130 X850 pro would be next best offering alot of performance for the money.
  4. I have a thermaltake 420W powersupply
    is that enough for the 7800 GS

    I was also looking at x1900xtx
    a little expensie cheapest one is $360
    is it any good
  5. The 7600 GT is as fast, or even slightly faster, than the 7800 GS at stock speeds - for less money.

    The X1900s are not available for AGP.
  6. You really think a 7600GT is as fast or faster than the 7800GS? I have not seen a direct comparison, but I'd think the reference 7600GT would be a bit behind a reference 7800GS, with the higher clocked (580/1500)7600GT = to a reference 7800GS.

    I'm expecting FS to come out with such a review very shortly. Not sure just what cards will be in it, but I am hoping 7800GS, 7800GS OC, 7600GT, 7600GT OC, X850XT, X850XTpe, 6800U. Shoot maybe throw in something new like X1950 pro. 8O (wishful thinking) :D
  7. The Thermaltake 420 and 430 W PSU's have a pretty wimpy 12v rail (single 18amp) more like an older quality 350W. So it depends on how loaded your system is with optical and HDD's, but your won't have much 12v to spare. You can try it, but it will be unstable if peak useage demands more than your PSU can provide.

    The 7800GS is almost as bad as the power hungry 6800U:
  8. I've seen one direct comparison bench - can't find the link right now - where the stock Leadtek 7600 GT was like 5% faster than a stock 7800 GS on the same mobo.

    If I find it I'll post for sure though. Someone linked to it on these forums.
  9. Interesting, I'd like to see it if you can find the link as I have never seen such results. I expect them to be close, just definately not in the 7600GT's favor (apart from a rare situation).

    I have seen 7600GT and 6800U pretty evenly matched in say the Digit-life charts (actually the 425/1100 clocked 6800U won almost every game). And have seen 7800GS > 6800U in 7800GS launch articles(THG). So not having direct comparisons, I assume 7800GS> 6800U=7600GT. Then some articles like yours show 7600GT=X850XT and also we know X850XTPE >=7800GS in 7800GS launch articles(anandtech) and X850XTpe >=X850XT from tests. Anway that's where I get the impression/understanding 7800GS/X850xtpe > 7600GT/6800U/X850XT. Not by much and not worth a big premium, but a bit above comparing raw performance.

    OK, I googled this one and the 7600GT looks a bit ahead. http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view.php?id=2031&cid=3&pg=3

    BUT, it's flawed testing as they used Forceware 91.32 for the 7600GT and Forceware 81.89 for the 7800GS, 6800GT, and 6800GS. Looking into it further you can see the 7800GS/6800GT/6800GS/X850XTPE tests were taken directly from a 6 month old 7800GS article and then posted in charts with the 7600GT and new drivers tested 6 months later. :roll: http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view.php?cid=3&id=1816

    That completely cancels out the small performance lead IMO.
  10. That's the one I saw. Didn't notice the driver thing though.

    Geez, you can't even trust a reviewer to use the same drivers. I'm a hack at best, and even I know enough to use the same driver in a comparison... :P

    Even if they no longer had access to the 7800 GS, they could have used the old drivers when testing the 7600 GT.

    Still, it does show that the two aren't worlds apart.
  11. Agree with everything you just said. (except that IMO you aren't a hack). :D
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