Settting up Home security on Wireless Router

Any guides out there - want to set up a more secured wireless network for home use Have Linsys router - two laptops and two desktops on system
system setup and running now - want to add security features

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  1. Here is an article about WiFi WEP which will enable you to place a 128bit encryption on your WiFi. Also you can choose NOT to broadcast your SSID, which is also helpful.

    WiFi WEP Article
  2. Things you need to enable:

    Encryption: WPA is better, much better infact, than WEP. Either is better than none.
    Router Password: Change it from the default
    Mac filtering: Each network hardware has a unique mac id, you can set your router to just allow your hardware onto the network.
  3. Oh, and stop the router from handing out IP addresses / DNS server adresses. Enter them for each PC manually.
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