Should multiple monitors match?

I'm running 2 AG Neovo CW-19 Black 19" 4ms Widescreen LCD Monitors for online stock trading and am thinking of adding 2 more monitors for all the charts I display.

If I buy 2 more monitors, how important, if at all, is it that they match the first 2 monitors in specs such as response time, contrast ratio, pixel size, etc.? If I buy different brands or sizes, will it matter much if any? Would there be a compatibility problem? What should I look out for?

My video card, PNY Quadro NVS 440 will run 4 monitors from one PCIEX-16 slot with no problem.

Does anyone think that regular 19" monitors are sharper in resolution than widescreen monitors?

I'm not using these monitors for graphics work or gaming, just fairly simple 2D stock and currancy charts.

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  1. Having different monitors will not matter. It's not like your GPU will admonish you for not being brand loyal.

    Basically sharpness depends on the spacing between pixels not the dimension of the monitor. The quality of the LCD screen matters too to a certain extent. Get whichever size best suits your needs.
  2. Thanks Jag,

    So if one monitor has a 5ms response time and the other a 4ms response time, it won't make that big a difference to the cpu or gpu? What about pixel size or different contrast ratios?

    I know I'm probably splitting hairs on this. But then lots of fanatical people here on Tom's split hairs, etc.

    Have you ever viewed any of the Hanns G monitors?
  3. I have even mixed a LCD with a CRT using my X1800XT and had no problems...
  4. Quote:

    So if one monitor has a 5ms response time and the other a 4ms response time, it won't make that big a difference to the cpu or gpu? What about pixel size or different contrast ratios?

    Disparity in response time isn't going to make any difference... that's something that's purely intrinsic to the display. You could have an LCD with a response time of 20 minutes and your video card would treat it the same as one with a response time of 2 milliseconds. The 20-minute one would be completely useless for independant reasons, but the video card isn't going to give a crap.

    Native resolution DOES matter for some cards and purposes. If you want to extend one desktop space across two displays, it's best to get two displays with the same res... otherwise, your card might not care for it.

    Make sure you can hook up the cables... If your card has two DVI ports, and two VGA ports, obviously it's not going to fly if you try to hook up four DVI or four VGA (without an adapter... which would be large and clunky and probably not work for geometric reasons.)

    Since you're not trying to tile a game or video across several displays, the only other concern should be aesthetic preference. If it will make you unhappy to have 2 19 inch monitors and 2 17 inch monitors, or two black monitors and one white one, or monitors with different pixel spacing... you need to buy with that in mind.
  5. At least with the ATI drivers, and on the X850 and X1800 series it lets you specify a different resolution and refresh rate for each display...
  6. Thanks Rashind,

    I usually have 2 different screens or charts up (and will have 4 if I buy the additional 2 monitors) and I'm not tiling one image.

    My video card is a PNY Quadro NVS 440 PCIEX-16 with 2 GPU's and dual RAMDACS. 2 output ports with 2 dual cables so connecting 4 monitors is not a problem.

    It's a mostly 2 D card for so called professional business applications. It's used in the financial and CAD markets a lot.

    I'm running an AMD X2 3800 on an ASUS A8N5X with 2 gigs of Corsair RAM. I now have a 5 MB broadband connection. Things seem pretty quick most of the time.
  7. The multiple monitors do not have to be the same LCD size or model.

    You can set the resolution of each individual monitor.

    However, I must add that a multi-screen computer looks and feels

    much better when all of the monitors are the same exact models.

    I got a multi-monitor SUPER PC that has four identical LCDs on a Quad Stand.

    It's my Day Trading Computer and I also have a triple monitor computer.

    Here is a video of a similar model that I got.

    Multi-Screen Computer Video
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