ATI or Nvidia card for my new computer?

Ok, on my first build I have narrowed my choices to 2 GPUs. 1 ATI and 1 Nvidia. The Cpu will be HERE.

These are the two:



I plan on upgrading my CPU when the prices drop for X2s. I will have AM2 Socket, 1 gb ram.

Let me know the pros and cons of each card. The ATI one looks more bang for the buck to me. If so, then I can also get a cheaper motherboard, then get 2gb ram.

Thanks guys! O, this is going to be my first build too, I am a newbie at software install, but know pretty good about hardware. Any tips will be appriciated!
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  1. Doesn't really matter.

    Both perform similar, so go for whichever.

    If you can get the X850XT and 2gb of RAM, it's the better deal.
  2. i'd get either, although to let you know the x800 wll use more power and use an external 6 pin pcie power plug. The7600gt does not, the 7600gt is also newer btw...
    as prozac said though they both perform similarly, although the x800 doesn't support ShaderModel 3.0, if that matters to you. :)

    your choice, they both perfom much the same, THG did a 'review' (well a review on quite a couple of graphics cards) about thegraphics cards in that price range recently

    you cn also chck the interactive GPU charts on the THG homepage. :)
  3. What 240-pin ram do you suggest with this MOBO?

    I think I will go with ATI and get another gb ram.

    Also, what PSU do you suggest? It needs to be crossfire ready, i plan to upgrade.
  4. Your two choices are pretty close in performance. Feature advantage to the 7600GT. If you go ATI, grab the X850XTpe (platinum edition) as it is the same price, clocked higher and a little faster than both the ones you listed.

    X850XTPE $119
  5. Thanks.
  6. Oh, No problem. There really isn't a wrong choice. It would be a tough decision for me to go with the slightly faster X850XTpe or the SM3.0 7600GT. It just depends on the game and your preferences. (and how you feel about rebates)

    Have you read this review?

    Old review, but it's the first one I found just to give one example of what the extra core/mem clock of the Platinum edition can do for it. Looking at the GPU stressful tests higher res with AA/AF, the platinum edition pulled an extra 4 fps (6%).
  7. 580/1500 clocked 7600GT for $122 AR is another option if you don't want to OC yourself. (The reference eVGA you linked to was clocked 560/1400)
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