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Everything on my system is running like I like it to with the exception of the system clock in windows 7. It got this way when I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on a separate SSD that has to be chosen in BIOS. The Ubuntu clock is correct but every time I switch from Windows to Ubuntu and back again the clock in Windows is exactly six hours fast. I have re-set the clock to the correct time but this happens every time. I know this is not a great problem but I am curious as to why this happens. Any insights? Thanks ...Quixotic47
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  1. Have you got the right time zone set in Windows.
  2. Yes I have the correct time zone set i.e. Mountain time.
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    heh, knew you were running dualboot with linux just from looking at the title ;)

    Its an incompatibility between localtime and UTC. Windows uses local by default and ubuntu uses UTC. You must set ubuntu to use localtime instead.

    In ubuntu modify the file with your favorite text editor: "/etc/default/rcS"
    add or change the following:

    More information here: (scroll down to part about multiboot config)
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