Triple monitor gaming in windows7 64

Are there any tricks to running games well on a three monitor setup?

I only have 2 x16 slots running dual evga 275 gtx oc on a tyan s2915 motherboard with 16 gb ram, dual quad core 2356s,raid x-25m ssds and three 24 in monitors under windows 7U 64. This is loads better than vista 64 (I can't even talk about it) but it still chokes when the action gets heavy. Obviously this computer is used for manuscript creation-writing model analysis by day but I like to have a little fun at night. Hence I would like to tweak what I can without going to two monitors (can't stand the line in the middle) or going to a new MB.
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  1. What are your computer's specs? Have you tried lowering the graphics settings of the game? And what game are you trying to play in the first place?
  2. Im running three 9800's and four monitors (three 22" and a 19")....

    I usually leave the cards independent (no sli no physx) with the main gpu being hooked up only to my main monitor (the one in the middle) and the second card plugged into the two side monitors and the third card with the top (fourth) monitor (also have projector plugged into third card)

    with all of the screens turned on... my performance (in say... call of duty modern w2) is pretty sh*tty. so what I do is disable all the screens except the main of course) and enable my sli and phsyx (occasionally leave top screen turned on so I can see tv as well) and my performance goes through the roof.

    I have never tried to play one game across all monitors tho if that is what your asking.

    (not sure if any of that helped O_o)
  3. Ahhhh, so you're basically trying to play your game in one monitor, while keeping the rest of your displays functional, with apps displayed on them? Have you tried running MW2 as windowed?
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