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hey, i am new to the whole water cooling thing and was wondering what would the best water cooling kit or parts i should buy. money is much of a problem, maximum would probably be 400 bucks.
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  1. Alot would depend on what you intend on doing with your system. If you are going to overclock then that would influence things. Also, would you plan on overclocking your GPU as well?

    With that kind of budget, you could really put together an excellent kit that would serve you and your future sytems for some time.
  2. i want to over clock my cpu and have water cooling for my gpu. any recommendations for parts of kits?
  3. A few things...

    First, what vieocard will you be cooling?

    Second, while the general concensus is that the Swiftech Storm is the water block of choice, it's availability is scarce. It can be found in Canada but without the AM2 retention mechanism so that would have to be found seperate. However, an ample replacement can be found in the Swiftech Apogee. But, before I'd list any parts, I would need to find out about your videocard.
  4. well im not exactly sure yet. im stuck between buying a 7950 now or wating for the g80 i think its called with the intergreted water cooling on it.
  5. Well, as I see it, you have two choices:

    1) Get the water cooling parts now for just the CPU and you can add the GPU water block at a later time (once you've obtained the videocard)


    2) Wait to get your water cooling parts until you get the videocard.
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