Need some advice on buiding system

Trying to build a system but I am really a novice.
I have built two systems but I really don’t stay up on things as you people do.
The two systems I have built have Asus boards without any problems so I will probably stay with them.

I am not into over clocking other than the 5-10% the Bios will let me choose.

I do play some games but only against the computer and seldom online.

My problem is I have the P4p800 which has the AGP slot and the ATI X800XT, with the Antec ps 425 so I have to upgrade almost everything.

I have 2 Raptor hard drives which I will keep
Asus CD (keep)
Plextor 708a (Keep)
Lian Li PC-60 case with 120mm fan side door and 120 mm fan top,
2x80mm fan front and 1 80mm rear not counting power supply fan. (keep)

I plan on the E6700 Chip
Samsung 244T
Video card ? I will be getting Vista when it comes out and the DX10 card.
Motherboard Asus model P5B Deluxe?
Power supply Seasonic M12 600 watts
Memory 2 GB Brand ?

I am probably over building but should be good for a few years.

I would appreciate any suggestions and also does it seem necessary to add a cooler?

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  1. No point asking any advice at this site, I guess nobody has opinons
  2. When do you want to build it? Next spring quad-core processors and dx10 cards should be avail sale. I'm trying to hold out until then but I really want to spent money now. Abit has a couple motherboards that state being quad core compatible. It'd be a good idea to get one of those so you can pop in the quad core when it's avail.

    I'd get the E6600 over the E6700 right now because the E6600 is only 10% slower but 40% less expensive.

    The Samsung 244t looks awesome. 6ms is good for its size. I saw a price tag of $1700 for it, seems high. With that screen you'll probably have to move your head back and forth while playing games. Its no prob if you can put it far enough back. An alternative to the monstrous 24" is getting two quicker ones and going in dual mode. It'd be good for work. Great for watching stocks.

    As for video card; I heard the dx10 vid cards are going to be pretty watt-power hungry. If thats true then it'll be important to get the right power supply. The Seasonic M12 looks awesome. It doesn't say if it's SLI ready (only shows one pci-e connector). I just bought an Enermax sli ready ps but now I want the Seasonic, the cable disconnects are awesome.

    As for memory I usually go bang for buck. I like OCZ or crucial myself. Right now I have a gig of Crucial and a gig of Kingston.

    The heatsink cooler that comes with your CPU will be fine if you live in a cooler climate or have air conditioning. If you're under the ecuator without air con then I'd probably keep money aside for water cooling if needed.

    Eek, I'm running out of time. See you later mate.
  3. i would suggest getting e6400 and a mild oc. (you can easily clock it to x6800 speed or higher that way you'll save $$$ towards other parts)
    p5b deluxe is ok but do you need 2 pci-e slots, from what I got, you are not into extreme gaming so i think you can get away with a single pci-e slot mobo like p5b (regular) and save $$$.
    as to ram, i'd recommend corsair ddr2 800 cl5 or cl4 if you can efford it

    Good luck on your build, feel free to correct me 8)
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