750GB Drives...will they ever drop in price anytime soon???

Like the subject says "750GB Drives...will they ever drop in price anytime soon???"

The best price I've seen is $339 from MemoryLabs.com.
Is there any better pricing???
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  1. They are new and they are massive. What do you expect?
  2. They will drop in price dramatically as soon at the 1.5 TB models are out.
  3. Yep. You can already get 400GB drives for under $100 on sale.
  4. Where??? 400GB for under $100 beans on sale, where, where, where????

  5. Look on pricegrabber
  6. sometimes u should check the sales papers for local stores...picked up my 500gb wd from best buy for around 150 on sale and they have the 750gb seagate on sale this week for 330 cheaper than newegg's 390
  7. Try Frys.com, they have the Seagate 750GB in both IDE and SATA for $299/ea (plus shipping).

    Sata in Retail kit:

    IDE in Retail kit:
  8. I always 4get about pricegrabber. I'm constantly checking pricewatch.com.

  9. This is the cheapest I've seen. I will do that. Tanx.
  10. That's funny, I spent an hour at Bestbuy yesterday asking two of their sales-dweebs questions about 750GB drives & they nvr mentioned anything about the 750GB drives being on sale. Hmmmmm. It must've been too late for me. Tanx though.
  11. Quote:
    Where??? 400GB for under $100 beans on sale, where, where, where????....

    It was a 1-day sale at Frys.com.
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