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can someone point me to some good cards so I can record HD from my cable box (Time Warner, Scientific Atlantic 8300 HD) onto my pc hard drive. Hopefully something that doesnt break the bank either :lol:
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  1. Heh.

    There are no sensibly priced cards which will allow you to record HD onto your PC hard drive.

    Vista is supposed to allow you to use Cablecards natively, which *may* allow you to record HD.

    Your best bet is to record via S-Video...
  2. ugh, :( you just broke my heart.

    Anyways, i can save a little bit. How much r we talkin bout? And can you name some specific cards?
  3. First, define "HD" - are we talking 720 or 1080? i or p?
  4. 720p pls!
  5. Via HDMI? Via Component?
  6. HDMI or component is cool with me...
  7. This seems to be the best place;

  8. if you feel adventurous


    I don't have the same box or same cable company that you have, but it does work for me on my comcast, motorola cable box...and it says it works for your cable box

    Things you might have to buy to get it to work on your PC...

    Firewire card...and cables
    maybe another harddrive for more space :)

    Another link to read with the first one

    Readme File of how to setup your box
  9. Won't allow him to record HD, though - only SD.
  10. the only thing it says that wont work on the SA-8300HD is "If the STB is a DCT-3412, SA3250HD, SA8000HD or SA8300HD and the show is analogue, there is no firewire recording." so if the show is in HiDef doesn't that mean it's a digital signal? so then it will record over the firewire?
  11. www.169.com says theyre equipment wont work with my cable box :cry:

    but!!! I find this: Canopus Edius NX PCI Express

    do u guys think this might work with my cable box? Scientific Atlantic 8300 HD?

    I would hope so, it freakin costs over a grand
  12. It says it will capture 720i using component... so probably!
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