Wi-network with USB DSL modem

I have access to the internet with my desktop which is connected to a ADSL line using a USB only modem. However, I've just bought a brand new laptop with integrated wireless support.

It is unlikely that my ISP will provide me with an ethernet modem without an extra charge so I'll have to stick with the USB modem. But, could I buy a wireless router and be able to share the desktop´s internet connection with the laptop?

I don't mind having to leave the desktop on as it is on most of the time anyway.

Could something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16839121012 work?

Also, I'm subscribed to the cheapest DSL service that my ISP can offer. According to them I should only be alowed to connect up to 1 PC t a time. However, can they actually keep me from hooking up 2 PC's to the internet using a router? Could they find out? I'd rather not ask them as I'm sure they'll end up charging me for a more expensive service.

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  1. well first off , no they can't stop you sharing your internet connection between more than one pc although obviously your bandwidth would be reduced if you were browsing on 2 pc's at the same time. I have tried to do what you are talking about earlier this year and i have to say it's not the easyiest thing in the world to do , but as i've only tried it once i wouldn't like to instruct you on how to do it or if it is possible , all i will say is that i had some success but it was certainly limited , as i understand you want to share the usb connection via an ethernet link to the wireless laptop with the router borking as a bridge

    ICS is the top of the list of things you need to research first

    hope this helps

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