Need upgrade advice

Current system:

AMD 3700+ (754) running @ 2400Mhz
2gb Patriot CAS2 DDR Ram (754's don't utilize DDR)

I am thinking about investing a few hundred in to my system. I am wondering if I should sit tight or upgrade. I was thinking on going 939 to utilize DDR and get a mild boost in clock speed (maybe a FX55 or an X2 4600). I am not touching my video card until DX10 comes out.

I don't want to go AM2 yet because I can still use my existing RAM.

I don't want to go intel because I upgrade several computers down the line and throwing an Intel in to the mix would be like throwing a wrench in my gears.

Can I have some opinions??
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  1. Go for the 939 AMD X2 4200+ (2.2Ghz Dual Core) and a Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe/Premium

    Just remove the RAM from the bundle in you basket and you're sorted :)

    That mobo works solidly and comes with gd utilities (AI Booster allows for easy overclocking, got my 4200 to run at 2.6Ghz with no voltage change and on the basic cpu fan).

    Your RAM and Gcard should work fine with it too. Wise choice on waitin for DX10, and with AM2 its stil quite buggy. An there's no point as you'll have to wait and see just which motherboards (if any) will be compatable with DX10 cards.
  2. Why do I get the feeling you are in some way affliated with this organization?

    I will stick to buying in the US. Newegg or ZZF...
  3. **BUMP** for an unbiased opinion..
  4. I second the X2 4200+ but not the Asus board. Pick up the cheapest (since practically itll be temporal) DFI Infinity or LanParty. Theyll OC much farther than the Asus for the price.
    The Artic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro is the best HSF for the price.
  5. lol, well I do own a AMD t-shirt.....and no I didn't get it for free :oops: great top for work and uni though :D

    Asus is just practicle, and I have a Asus mobo so i picked what I know works
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