2xHDD / 2xCore / 2xVideo / 2xUser next ?

hi all.

maybe someone know such a stuff as thin client and terminal software - BeTwin ?:P

it can help too use 1 pc for up to 5 users in one time. and it is a significaly economy, when u need alot of users to use "light" software like word excel etc.

BeTwin came to us from the past when .. Video Cards used a PCI interface and u could connect alot of VGA cards in your pc .. but as AGP came there was no such posibility.

but lets look in nower days ....

now we have 2 cores - CPU
2 HDD - combained IN RAID
and 2 PCI - express slots - for VGA cards.

so theoryticaly we can setup 2 logical PC at 1 real PC.

each logical PC will have a seporate CPU (core) , HDD, VGA card, sound CARD, and LAN.

here comes a question -

is it posible to create such 1 PC on each 2 users can play for example DOOM 3 .. with each other ?

further more now there motherboards witch handle up to 4 pci-E-x16 slots .. so maybe there is posiblity to setup 2xSLI configuration for each user ??

so. actualy the question came . as now i have an old PC (MB with AGP) so it should be upgraded and in same time i have to buy a PC for my wife.
and i wonder wont it be cheaper to buy 1 powerfull pc .. wich can be powerfull enough so we could both play on it in 1 time (we wont to play Lineage 2 actualy :) )... using Betwin software.

IMHO - this topic is a very nice idea for THG team to make alot of wonderfull test-projects to find out will such solution work and if it will then will it be a cheper solution then buying to seporate PC .. including power consumptation.

p.s. terebly sory for my bad english (
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  1. There are no computers that have 4 PCI Express x16 slots. I believe ATI's RD600 will have 3 PCI Express x16 slots.

    In the future it may be possible for 2 people to play a game against each other, but don't count on it. You would need to use VT (virtualization technology), I'm not sure how this would work out, but it probably would be difficult to implement and have a performance hit.

    Answer to your question. No you cannot use BeTwin software to run 2 instances of Lineage 2 on one computer. BeTwin is designed for non-intensive work.
  2. I would certainly be interested in a way for 2 or more people to share a single computer simultaneously.

    It might cut the cost of computer hardware for two people by 30% (not 50% since two monitors would still be needed).

    Plus it might halve software costs, asssuming that licenses would allow this (which I suspect they do not). Plus, if the software could be shared, the single biggest advantage would be to cut PC maintenance and updating chores in half.

    Frankly, I don't know why this has not been a top priority for PC buillders. It would be far more useful than multiple CPU's and GPU's.

  3. Quote:

    Frankly, I don't know why this has not been a top priority for PC buillders. It would be far more useful than multiple CPU's and GPU's.

    i'd rather have 2 cpu cores and 2 gpus in sli/crossfire than 1 of each, because i'm a capitalistic perfectionist like most of the rest of western civilization. :twisted:

    people don't wanna go half in on a compy, they wanna splurge tons of money on their very own pride and joy. :roll:

    although, i do have to admit that i've found myself wishing for tech/software like this in the past....
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