Mic looping sound badly


I can't get my mic to work on my new comp. I have Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi/AP motherboard with onboard audio.

Here are my sound settings.


For those few words in finnish there, here are the translations:
Soita = Play
Tallenna = Record

Muut säätimet = Other controls
Etupaneelin mikrofoni = Frontpanel microphone
Sulje = Close

If the Microphone boost is OFF, nothing happens. (It does pick up something, but only if I yell my heart out.)

If the Microphoneboost is ON, sounds start to loop. A short whistle just keeps repeating louder and louder. Also there are pretty bad distortion on it.

Any suggestion what might be wrong?
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  1. What sort of microphone is it?
  2. Quote:
    What sort of microphone is it?

    Creative headset HS-300 with mic. It works fine with my other computer.
  3. So to clarify it more: I am using a headset, so the sound is not looping through the microphone itself. It is somehow looping inside the computer/software.
  4. Ny chance, do you have both onboard sound and a soundcard installed?
  5. Only onboard sound.

    Probably I've just got some switch/checkbox on wrong setting, I just don't have any clue which one...
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