Heat output on low usage ?

I'm considering the GIGABYTE Geforce 7300GT. I do no gaming at all. Some of the reviews on newegg mention this card gets hot. It has a large heat sink with heat pipes (no fan). Should heat due to high power requirement be an issue if I''m not pushing the card? I was considering the 7300LE for $30 less but everyone here keeps saying to get the GT instead. I will but I just don't want to add the heat in the case. Can I expect it to not generate much heat if idle to low usage?

I read where this card pulls 19 watts at idle where the 7300le only pulls 9 watts. At peak the cards arre 16 w and 49 w repectively although I don't expect to push them like I said.
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  1. Update : I just read a review on anandtech that shows the Gigabyte 7300 GT drawing a whopping 132 watts at idle and 213 w under load. That's seems too high for my limited needs.
  2. If you don't do any gaming, get the cheapest low-power card you can. A 7300 GT will only best the 7300 LE in games, other than that there's no difference.

    Also consider the Radeon X300 if power saving is your thing.
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