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So at the moment, I have my 2000+ socket A chip in a MSI -KLN2 Delta board, with 2gb RAM and an old Ti4200 (not that that matters) running windows 2003. It acts as my AV server for my other 2 machines, file storage etc also I rip DVD's on to it.

My question is that my old 1.9 P4 chip has now been freed up. So I'm thinking that I could build another gaming machine as a spare for Lan Parties. Which combination would act best?

The AMD, with the MSI coupled with a 9500 pro I have knocking about or the 1.9 P4 I have. The server would get whatevers left over. So it really comes down to the motherboard and CPU combination.

The socket 478 board is an old ASUS, unfortuantly I can't remember the model number of it. The machine would wind up with 2gb of Ram.
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  1. Are you planning on overclocking at all? At base speeds, these chips are fairly equal, with a slight advantage going one way or the other depending on code optimizations in the particular game. The P4 would have more overclock headroom, so if that's in the cards at all, that's what I'd do. If not, I'd stick with the stock 2000+.

    Either way, you're gonna end up with a half-way decent gamer box. Good luck.

  2. Well I know that the AMD can achieve quite a beefy overclock as I got that up to & over 2ghz the pentium however wasnt stable with any kind of overclock on it. I guess I could build the 2 systems and run PCmark...
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