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k guys i need ur help... k ihave 1gb iram with 2 diferents set of speed(i know it sucks) one 512 stick running at 667 and the other is 2 sticks of 256 running at 533... and i get shit performance... (OH YEAH I HAVE DDR2)

k i need help on buying new memory. im looking for sumthing in the range of $200us im trying to get 2gb of good ram ill speend a little more if its worth it any suggestions would help thanks.....

one more thing my mother supports 667 max...

ecs pa1 mvp(motherboaurd)
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  1. Quote:
    ... i get **** performance... ...

    What do you use your PC for? What type of use is the performance a problem for? What are the details of your system: CPU? hard drive(s)? graphics board? What is your budget?
  2. Are you an OCer??
  3. i use my computer stricklly for gameing! i play alot of bf2 and cs:s... i get lot of choppyness and and frezz here and there... my comp specs r..

    ecs pa1 mvp extreme( lga775)
    Intel Pentium 4 w/ HT Technology - 3.4GHz Processor
    250hd wd x850xt 256 (overclocked)
    1 stick 512 667mhz
    2 sticks 256 at 553mhz (so 1gb all together)

    and my budget is 250$us

    i want to overclock alittle but i dont know how =(
  4. People have reported better performance in BF2 w/2GB RAM. Also, your current system is likely not running in dual-channel mode -- if so, running in dual-channel mode at DDR2-533 will be more than enough throughput to saturate the 800MHz FSB of your CPU.
    Thus, I would:
    1) Sell you current memory on ebay
    2) Buy 2x 1GB (or 4x 512MB if it's a *lot* cheaper) DDR2-533 or better (but run at DDR2-533 speed on your board).
  5. kooo mondoman u been a realy big help thanks bro!........
  6. Party on!
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