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I just installed my first CPU. LGA775 ... E6400. And it was harder than I expected. Very hard to push the load plate down to secure the CPU, very hard to install the fan. I can almost see the motherboard being slightly bent. Otherwise the cooler pins would not go all the way Is that normal? Is it supposed to go that way?
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  1. ...... oh sh*t.....
    The socket is a zero force insertion socket so there shouldn't be any pushing on the load plate to install the CPU. Did you check to make sure that the yellow triangle lined up with its marker on the LGA?
    I've got a bad feeling about this....
  2. Dude, you are giving me a heart attack. It was not all that hard tu put the laod plate in place. I just had to push harder than I expected it to be. The giy in the Intel video seems to be having the same kind of hard time... And what about the cooler? Is it normal to slightly bend my mobo? Please help!!!
  3. You gave me a bigger heart attack and its not even my computer....
    If it wasn't as hard as I thought it to be, there should be no problem there. I'm pretty sure it shouldn't bend the motherboard though.
    Question, did you install it with the mobo outside the case or inside the case?
    Next question, how much is the bend in the motherboard?
  4. Outside the case.

    You can only see the slight bend if you look across the surface at a very low angle. Barely visible but if you look hard enough you can spot it.
  5. Then it shouldn't be a problem. Let us know who things turn out.
  6. I've heard... (read it somewhere)... that the C2D do reqiure some pressure to install them and they can be difficult... I've never installed one so here's hoping :?
  7. I seem to remember it took a bit of force for my core2duo, more than I expected. I had the same problems you did as far as the load plate and the fan... the fan was a PITA. In the end it ran fine.
  8. the cpu cover requires a little force, and when I installed the stock fan on my E6600 I had to push A LOT harder than I expected. I was worried about breaking the mobo, too. Make sure that the fan inserts are in the open/unlocked position before you insert/lock them.
  9. I finished installing everything I have for now (- video card) and it seems to work ok... Fans are spinning, there's some strange message when it starts about "media-something failed, check cable" (i'll probably make another post on these forums :)) but I got to the BIOS. It shows Core 2 Duo, 2.13 GHz.. No hardware monitoring as it seems to have an old BIOS. VERY old BIOS... first update I think (it's Intel DG965RY). Will do that to see the temps before going to Windows Install.
  10. What's the temperature of your cpu?
  11. i'm installing windows now so I can't check

    it seems to be a bit below 50 after the bios update, 40-45 (celsius of course)

    all the values vary by the second and only the "ICH" (which seems to be the southbridge) is stable at 63 (!) there must be a problem with the reading process since i put my hand next to it and it doesn't seem hot
  12. If you place your hand or fingers on the cooler and doesn't seem hot on idle then thats a good sign. Rum Prime95 and touch the cooler again.
  13. Update:

    Well... everything seems to be ok. I did a BIOS update and installed Windows with the latest Intel Desktop Utilities. The monitoring did not work at first from Windows but after a few restarts it seems to work.

    The CPU temp. is actually a bit below 40, not 50. On idle it seems to be at 35. The cooler does not seem warm, and the air that is being pushed away doesn't even seem warm.

    The ICH (Southbridge) is indeed stuck at 63C. I looked at it from the BIOS after letting it rest for the night ("cold start"). It starts at 63 while the other sensors go up. CPU starts at 20 something (room temperature) and goes to 30+ after a few minutes. It's either bad or will be fixed with the next BIOS update... Not a real problem anyway.

    Some CPU stress test got it up to 39C and it reported to work fine.

    Really, they should warn us about how hard it is to install! I was really worried about breaking the mobo and applying al that asymetrical pressure on the cpu while pushing the fan into the motherboard. It has that soft-looking top which I guess can bend real easy...

    And it was an Intel (well... Foxconn if you really look for it, but close enough) board too. It's supposed to work best (at least for the macanical part). What if some manufacturer gets it wrong with say half mm?
  14. Congratulations on your successful build.
    In regards to your last question, if the manufacturer gets something wrong on the board all you do is RMA the board back to them. I also believe that you could RMA the CPU back to Intel and tell them your problem and they will be willing to send you a new CPU. Its happened to me before and the manufacturers have been pretty cool about it.
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