overclocking and super PI

i've got a X6800@320x11 and try to play with the super PI
after installed windows xp (with sp2), i can't always completed the super pi (seems not stable, even 1m i can't complete), but i've test it with dual orthos (one with small and another one running as large) with priority 9 for 4hrs no problem....
what should be the problem?
one more funny things is, it seems stable for testing 4hrs dual orthos and i do arround 4 dvd rips then i restarted the computer, i just said overclock or overvoltage fail =,=
i'm using Asus P5WDG2 WS PRO
with following setting
vCore 1.375
vFSB 1.4
vMCH 1.6
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  1. have you changed anything in the bios. if so try running default settings.
  2. give us more specs, what ram, psu etc. do you have?

    make sure you have the latest bios/drivers, and run dual instance of prime95 for at least 12hrs, the more the better. Here is a guide that will tell you how to setup up prime95 to stress both cores.
  3. You probably just need a boost in Vcore or memory volts.
    If you have ram timings wrong or voltages too low it will give you that error when you reboot.
  4. (see) you need to put your sig of what type of hardware your using. such as motherboard, processor, memory, powersupply etc...
  5. dear all, i'll found the problem about it
    because my windowsxp pro is link to a windows2000 domain.
    after i've join the domain the superPi will get error (even i'm running at all default) but if i disable the network then everything just fine....
    now i can play with superPI but i don't have idea how to complete solve this problem....
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