Power On Boot Delay Problems.


Im in the process of building a computer with the following specs:

Linkworld 2222 Case with 500W PSU
Asus P5B-VM BIOS 2107 or something like that
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
2-GIGS of V-DATA PC2-5400 DDR2 RAM (2-sticks)
WD Raptor 74GB SATA
Pioneer DVR-111 DVD-RW
Floppy Drive
2-80MM Vantec Stealth Case Fans

When I press the power button it starts the processor and case fans for about 1/2 sec... then shutdowns... then 1-2 sec later it boots normally.

I tried unplugging all the power to my optical drives and HDD but still the same thing.

I have the 24PIN and 4PIN connector connected to the MOB.

Any ideas what this is?

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  1. someone had a similar prob here


    I think it may be due to q-fan or ai quiet,,,try to turn those off

    also over clocking may do this....

    On my P5W when i restart......it shuts off.....then on 2 seconds or so later...not just a restart...but its all ok at stock
  2. Are you running overclocked?

    The P5B's do this for some reason when OC'd.
  3. No not overclocked this is stock initial build.

    I fix the problem. The PSU needs to have power in it (connected to power outlet and PSU switch is on) for a couple of seconds before booting up. If you just plug in the computer and turn it on you will get that delay.

    After its on I can turn on/off with no problems.

    Thanks everyone,

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