problems with new homebuilt

system specs:
Gigabyte GA 965P-S3 - MB
E6600 - CPU
2 gigs Corsair DDR2
Sapphire X1900XT
WD Raptor 150gb
Win XP Pro

After I was done building the computer it started up fine, formated hard drive, installed windows. PLayed a little pinball. Everything all good. So I installed just the chipset drivers which I d\led from another computer and burned to a cd. The install went fine, when it was finished it asked me to reboot the computer. So I clicked on okay, nothing happend for about 30 seconds, then came the blue screeen of death. So I restarted my computer, 1st problem that started was my hard drive was not reconized anymore. So I turned the computer off, stuck a new sata wire on, plugged it into a differnt SATA port. Started the computer, picked up the hard drive, went into windows, and know my keyboard and mouse wont work at all. I restarted again, found my keyboard works fine within the bios. I thought well maybe if I reinstall windows, I could just reformat and start over again. But my keyboard will not work at all after the initial bios screen. I cannot push a key to boot to the cd. I tried all the usb ports, tried differnt keyboards and mice. Used adaptors to try the ond mouse and keyboard ports. nothing works. I even tried a differnt hard drive, but still the mouse and keyboard dont work. thanks for any help.
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  1. I didnt, I just d\led my MB's drivers from gigabytes website on a differnt computer, to make sure I had the most updated drivers.
  2. Reinstall Windows.
  3. I cant, even though I have it set to boot to cd rom, I still have to press a key to get into the windows installtion, and my keyboard doesnt work. It only works in the BIOS. Afther the bios screen is gone the keyboard and mouse dont work.
  4. If you try to boot from the cd-rom with the harddisc unplugged, you will know for sure that your installed driver didn't cause this.
  5. The above poster has a good idea, but remember, you do not have to push a key to boot from the CD.

    In the BIOS you need to change the boot order. Then exit and save. This will allow you to boot from the CD without needing the keyboard - past the BIOS that is.

    I just read the above message about you changing the
    BIOS to make the CD boot first. Then you say that you cannot
    get into the windows install because the keyboard still doesn't fuction.
    This means that the problem has nothing to do with the downloaded
    drivers at that point.
    The only drivers during the windows XP install are the ones loaded from
    the disc.
    I am starting to wonder about the actual connection, or the keyboard
    itself. Do you have another one to try? (also, if your mouse is USB, the BIOS likely needs to be set to recognize it. and... if your controls are old, you may need to make sure that legacy USB support is on.)
  6. Try a USB - PS3 adapter... Most mouses come with them now-a-days.
  7. Hence my previous post 8)
  8. Check to see if your bios has option to change USB control from OS to Bios. I know Abit boards have that feature and I find that I have to change it to the Bios setting while reformating my computer. Something to try.
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