Windows 7 crashes when connects to internet

I've just started to encounter a problem with Win7.

My PC is fine until I connect to the net using wireless. I use a dongle and can connect it to the PC without issue and everything works correctly.

However when I connect to the internet my pc freezes and thats it I need to forcefully restart.

I've tried closing programs in the taskmanager so I'm left with the bare essentials but something is killing it.

I've tried booting in safe mode with networking and this WILL work and allows me to browse and work the PC as normal, however booting back in normal mode produces the same issue.

I've tried a clean boot and booted with only system requirements and not any startup items but the problem persists.

Is there anyway to determine what is causing the problems?
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  1. Go to your device manager, Click Network adapters. You should have your wireless and non wireless network adapters listed. Uninstall the wireless drivers and then reinstall them.

    If you originally were using the wireless adapter's drivers that windows 7 provided then try to look for them on the manufactures website instead and use those drivers during your re-installation.

    If problem persist please list the make and model of wireless adapter along with drivers your using. Motherboard too. Thanks.
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