Will this PSU work with my new PC?

Ok, I need to know if my PSU I want will work with the following items.


Will it work with this stuff? Particualry the MOBO and GPU?









Thanks everyone.
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  1. Thanks, mp. I was just making sure. I am about to order it and the case. I have $150 tonight to spend on anything. I was trying to see what will work best for me. I know the RAM and CPU will go down in a few weeks, so I will wait on those and the MOBO. The OS, XP Home-OEM, that will work just like the retail version right? It is cheaper, and I was wondering if that was a problem.

    Also, how will I be able to see the BIOS when the MOBO doesnt have onoard video? Will the GPU work even without the drivers installed?
  2. Hey, could you answer my other question I had? I am not being rude, just asking.
  3. Thanks. Also, whats the difference from ATX and ATX12V? Mine is ATX, so is my case. It will fit will it not? I have already ordered it.
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