Best GC for 19" 1400x900

Ok i have a 19" WS monitor max res 1400x900.

I wish to play games at max eye candy, and i'm looking at building a new rig E6400, Gig 965P DS3, 2gb DDR2 800, 600w PSU.

I'm looking at paying around £200 tops although originally i was going to get a 1900XT for £215 but the prices have gone daft or cards gone exstinct.

With regards my monitor being 1400x900 what would be the best card to get:

7950, 7900GT,7900GS,7900GTO, 1900GT.

I dont want to waste money on something i dont need or wil not give me resuts at max settings.

I not interested in DX10, i want a good card now which wil last me a couple of years, then when DX10 is norm i will upgarde.

Since the 1900Xt are becoming hard to find i'm looking at 7900Gt for around £170-180 mark.

All advice much appreciated.
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  1. If you can find an X1900XT, then go for it (unless the price is too high)

    The 7900GTO is an excellent card. Flash the BIOS + OC and it is an 7900GTX! It performs better than all of the other cards listed
  2. I also say, X1900XT would be the best choice, 7900GTO if you can't get a good X1900XT price.

    Problem I see with your res though is most games don't have native support for that resolution (nor widescreen really). You can force it different ways, but you end up with a cropped or stretched image.

    Look at the guages in NFSMW...they should be round not ovals. 8O
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