buzzing power supply... can someone help?

my psu sometimes have this buzzing sound coming out after i off my pc or when using my pc..... Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my psu?
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  1. you're sure that the sound is because of the psu going bad? looks like i have to dig deep into my wallet this time..... i just recently add a hdd into my com and start noticing few weird things like casing fan's led(out of four, two lit, 1 blinking and one dead), my lights got dimmer.... thanks for your opinion......
  2. Hmmmm,...

    If you remove that new HD, do the LEDs resume their original function?

    Which lights are you referring to? The LEDs or your room lights? :)
    (kinda serious question, in case the room lights are on the same circuit as the computer)

    Depending on how old the PSU is, it may still have a warranty.
  3. Not the room lights... only the casing fan's LED... anyway, now the light go down to just 1 lit, 3 died. i didn't try plugging out the new hdd... probably i should do so... thanks for reminding...
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