command rate setting in the spd?

I started my new rig a few hours ago for the first time and i noticed that the command rate is set to 2T. Is this setting writen in the SPD chip and my mother boar read it and set the command rate or 2T is the default value for safety and the spd doesn't contain this info. thanks
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  1. SPD settings are to be the most relaxed they can. As long as you can change it to 1T at the advertised specs there should be no problem.
  2. I know that, my question was if the command rate is writen in the SPD along with the other timeings.
  3. What rams are you using and how many ram slot is used? If it's three or all four slots then 2T would be used for stabililty. 1T and 2T don't have much difference in applications like gaming.
  4. Still no one answered my question. Is the command rate setting writen in the SPD chip cause CPU-Z doesn't say anything in the SPD tab.

    I have two DIMMs in dual channel and i've allready set them to 1T and they work fine.
  5. and what version of cpu-z are you using?
  6. The answer is no! The memory doesn't mind about command rate, they're all rated to 1T. Command Rate depends exclusively on the motherboard and the pcb track lenghts.

    Here is a Samsung specification for the SDR SPD:

    And here is a complete description of the DDR2 SPD:
  7. Thanks, that's exactly what i wanted to hear.
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