unlocking AGP 6800xt pipes

I bought the AGP 6800xt 350/1100 256bit/256mb (8pp/4vp) in order to upgrade my kid’s computer.
I thought I’d be able to open all 16 pixel pipes w/riva tuner,
but as it turns out the core is the NV41 not NV40. So…there’s only 12 pixel pipes,
and only 8 are enabled.

The problem is…it seems the 1st pixel shader unit won’t truly enable.

I’ve enabled hardware masked units, activated custom pixel unit configuration,
and checked the disabled units, (changing the 0s to 1s)

Both the “nvstrap driver” tab and the “custom graphics processor” dialog box
now shows (12pp/5vp) rather than (8pp/4vp).
However, the “custom graphics processor” dialog box still shows the status
of these units as “disabled”, rather than enabled. And the “HW masked” field
shows “NA” in all fields.
Also I haven’t seen any benchmark increase in this configuration

SO…Does anyone have any ideas on what’s holding the pixels pipes back here?
Is there an alternative way of enabling all 12 pixel pipes and the extra vertex shader?
Does the fact I’m using the latest NVIDIA drivers (91.47) preclude me from
enabling all 12 pipes? (should I used an older driver set & which one?)

Any advise from the forum gurus would be of help, thanks.
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  1. NV41 aint gonna happen. You dont have that 12/5 config. And tbh you got the worse card of the bunch. Nv41 wont unlock and doesnt overclock worth a damn either.
  2. he probably would have been better of with a 66gt :lol:
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