Dual Cards issue. X700Pro + X1900XT on SLI Board.

Here's my setup

ASUS A8N-SLI Premium
X2 3800+ S939
2gig ram
2x 250gb SATAII

4x19" LG 1600:1


I just got the LCD's today and the X1900XT

My board supports SLI so, two PCIe slots. I don't want to run it in SLI mode but as two cards working in dual monitor mode.

While computer is booting up, the two monitors that are on the X1900XT are displaying whats going on. Thats the top PCIe slot. When win2k is just about done loading both screens freeze with the windows loading bar and the other screens turn on.

So that tells me both cards are functional.

Once in windows I can only get the X700Pro working.
Device manager gives me this:
This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Click Troubleshooter to start the troubleshooter for this device.

I've tried different bios settings I thought might be affecting this but didn't help. Tried clearing all ATI drivers and reinstall all drivers and that doesn't work either.

If I take the bottom card (X700Pro) and switch it with the top card (X1900XT) the X1900XT will be the functional one.

Am I having a moment of stupidity or should I be able to get two ATI PCIe video cards to work independentely even if on a board with an nForce chip ?

Windows recognises it, installs it, yet wont activate both.

I'm out of ideas. :/ Anyone else have an idea ?
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  1. someone please tell me they have a solution for this :/ I don't want to have to go get either a new mobo or another video card..
  2. just checked and I have a 400w power supply...

    i'm thinking if both cards work, both pci-e slots work, then the only thing keeping windows from turning the other card on is the lack of power...

    would a board do that ? not turn it on because it knows theres now enough power for it ?
  3. You may want to get a bigger PSU. 400 W may not cut it.
  4. got a thermaltake 550w psu and it worked..

    the psu I had in there was a aOpen al'cheapo ones that come with the case. It was a 400w peak unit so whats that, 350 on average ? Was only lacking power to drive the x1900xt
  5. y would you use 2 cards for 2 monitors?
    the x1900 can do duals just fine..unless you want 4 monitors..
  6. Quote:
    y would you use 2 cards for 2 monitors?
    the x1900 can do duals just fine..unless you want 4 monitors..
    4x19" LG 1600:1
  7. lol didn't see that. my bad
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