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First of all, I would like to tell everybody that I'm new to this community, but not new to computer overclocking. My experience includes overclocking Celeron 533A, Pentium D 805, Semprons 2600+, 3100+, and Athlon Mobiles.

I have been actively reading stuffs over, and read an article a couple months ago, on the Pentium D 805 4Ghz for $720. I helped a buddy built one a couple months ago. I'm personally using my old overclocked Sempron.

Till recently, I felt that I needed to upgrade my computer. Through reading many articles, I found out that the Core 2 Duo processors are owning, even better than the fastest AMD Athlon FX62 after overclocking.

I'm personally a student, studying Computer Engineering, paying for most of my tuition fees. In another word, I'm a poor dude. :P

The E6300 and E6400 are lower ends with 2MB Cache, instead of the Conroes with 4MB. The 2MB difference in cache actually accumulates to a mere 3-4% difference in performance. Since my budget is low, I wouldnt' mind sticking with the lower end models.

The E6300 are going for $180, but the problem is, the good Conroe motherboards (965/975) are really expensive.

My main question is, since I'm low on budget, I have around $700-800 to spend on a new system, what kind of combinations can I get? I'm looking for 1GB DDR2 (doesn't matter what speed, as long as I can get the most out of my system at the lowest price possible), I need a decent card, was thinking maybe an affordable 7300GT or X800GTO. I've got a casing with a reliable 600 Watt PSU sitting in the corner waiting for me to build a system around it, therefore the system doesn't have to include PSU/Casing prices.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. this setup should'nt have a problem getting to 3.2Ghz

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS (Perpendicular Recording Technology) 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache

    eVGA 256-P2-N612-TX Geforce 7600 GTS 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16

    G.SKILL 1GB (2 x 512MB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit

    GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 Socket T

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Conroe 2.13GHz

    all for 714.96 on newegg, all thats left to do is pick a dvd-rw
  2. I'd say go with this for the main guts of the system:

    DS3 or even S3
    Any Cas 4 DDR2-667 ram

    2.8 definately won't be a problem and 3.2 probably would be attainable
  3. are you planning to overclock it? it will be very value budget if you don't overclock.

    i don't know much about vga, the 7300gt should be fine for windows vista, until dx10 comes out you could easily upgrade the vga to the newer and faster model you can get then. the x800gto perhaps a bit faster than 7300 in game performance but it lacks the SM3.0.

    the best value you can get for the money are:
    (not oc.)
    c2d e6300
    gigabyte ga-965p-ds3
    any value ram ddr2 533 4-4-4-xx with a minimum elpida modules inside
    7300gt/x800gto with a minimum 128bit memory interface
    seagate 7200.10 320gb 16mb cache should do the trick for the performance point of view, make sure there's enough cooling for this hdd. or you can get western digital caviar se16 320gb 16mb cache for quiet & cooling solution to your system.. :)

    c2d e6300
    gigabyte ga-965p-ds3
    any ddr2 667 3-3-3-xx or ddr2 800 4-4-4-xx with a minimum micron modules inside
    7300gt/x800gto with a minimum 128bit memory interface
    seagate 7200.10 320gb 16mb cache should do the trick for the performance point of view, make sure there's enough cooling for this hdd. or you can get western digital caviar se16 320gb 16mb cache for quiet & cooling solution to your system.. :)

    if you don't do rendering, the e6300 should be fine and you hardly feel any significant boost on performance compared to the higher c2d models. i've used e6300 & sold it to upgrade to e6600, now i feel dumb a bit for the money i've spent. the e6300 is pretty fast already!
  4. What kind of thermal/cooling solution would you all recommend?
    If the retail sink/fan can get me up to 3.2GHz, then I can go ahead and order it.

    The DVD-Writer shouldnt' be a problem. I've got an extra one around, although it's old, it's an Optorite D0203. It's not that fast in terms of DVD writing speed, but I don't really care as I don't burn DVD often. Me and a couple of my friends burn a lot of HD-BURN CD-R using free CDR after rebates.

    I would want to try to stay within the $700-800 inclusive of thermal solution.

    I would look into water cooling, but the good ones are expensive. :(
  5. here's a guide to overclock c2d:

    take a closer look to the first 7 heatsinkfan from that link as your purchasing reference.

    oh yeah, the zalman cnps 9700 can't resist the raising temperature in overclocking e6400 too 3,3ghz, the water cooling did it. there's a review of it at perhaps you should go check it for awhile and decide.
  6. I'm going to assume that you don't need an OS, keyboard, mouse, speakers & sound card.

    I'm going for the main stuff here.

    CPU: E6300 - $180.
    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 - $125. If you want RAID, then get the DS3 version, the ASUS P5B-E or the Abit AB9 Pro. There have been reviews of these mobo on Anandtech for the DS3 & P5B-E while Tom's Hardware did one on the AB9 Pro. See which one you like the best if the S3 isn't for you.
    RAM: Personally, I'd call Newegg and find out when this G.Skill DDR2 800 2x1GB memory will be available. It's only $183 for CAS latency of 4. Very sweet indeed. If it's going to be awhile and you need this computer now, then I'd get the PQI Turbo brand -$222.
    Video Card: X1900XT 256MB - $255.

    Now the video card is assuming you can get the memory for $183. If not, then get this X1900GT - $203.

    Total: $743 with X1900XT 256MB & S3 mobo - you can still get the E6400 for $220 and be within your budget.
    Total: $782 with X1900XT 256MB & S3 mobo & more expensive RAM.

    Or you can mix & match to whatever you need to keep you below your $800 budget.
  7. I have that pqi TUBRO RAM, 2GB also.
  8. Take a look at this thread before buying that E6300

    Apparently Intel relased Xeon branded chips with 4mb cache that compare to E6300/E6600 in clock speed.

    I think the jury is still out on how well this work/overclock but it may be worth a wait for a few days until those who ordered the CPU perform a few tests.
  9. Any results from overclocking the Xeon's?

    I've gone through the 7 lists of coolers, and most of them are too expensive.

    I think I can't afford to go with the X1900XT's, I'd rather stick with a cheap card now, wait till I can afford a better one, then upgrade. Besides, I'm not a hardcore gamer, I play WoW once in a while, sometimes Maple Story, and most of the time DotA, which doesn't need much graphics power. I just need a computer that is future proof, and value for the money.

    And yes, I won't need OS, Casing, PSU, Sound Card, DVD Writer, Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, etc. I'd love to go for RAID-0 setup.
  10. for the most valuable raid 0 setup, can the 2x western digital caviar se 80gb 8mb cache sata II do the trick? :p
  11. Thermaltake Big Typhoon is a good cooler for the price and would be plenty for a 3.2 overclock
  12. those low end XEONS are just allendales in a xeon box
  13. Personally, I would get the scythe infinity, i should be getting mine by thursday for my E6600...
    it's a little more @$58, but it cools a lot better than the stock intel fan, although you CAN OC with the stock cooler...anyways, check it out man...

    P.S. Provided it fits in your case.
  14. Quote:
    those low end XEONS are just allendales in a xeon box

    You are not referring to this Xeon for $200...

    Or this one...

    for they are workstation/server class Conroe cores on LGA775...
    and at bargain pricing...
  15. :D E6300 or E6400
    The E6400 has an 8x multiplier while the E6300 so obivously itll go farther, worth the extra $40 IMO.

    Gigabyte DS3
    The cheapest of the highly overclockable motherboards and itll be ready for quad-core.

    Patriot DDR2 800 CL4 I STRONGLY recommend 1GB sticks since its easier to keep the 1:1 ratio on them. This modules will give you plenty of headroom, 500+Mhz CL5.

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10, excellent performers with PRT.

    Pick up the cheapest 7600GT theyre a steal for the price right now. If you can spare a little more ild get this XFX OCed one. Great specs and very fair for the price.

    Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro would be the perfect for the budget. But if you want something thatll go a bit farther the TT Big Thypoon will do the job.

    Happy OCing!
  16. take a look allendales in xeon boxs

    Intel Low End Xeon

    3070 2.66GHz 1066MHz 4MB 65W
    3060 2.4GHz 1066MHz 4MB 65W
    3050 2.13GHz 1066MHz 2MB 65W
    3040 1.86GHz 1066MHz 2MB 65W
  17. Okay, these is what I've got from my local store today.

    C2D E6300 - with Stock Fan and Sink :( (Couldn't spare more for better ones)
    Gigabyte G65P-S3
    2x 512MB Corsair DDR2 XMS2 Twin2X (4-4-4-12)
    Biostar 7300GT 256MB GDDR3 Over-Clocking Edition (V7303GT21)
    Seagate 160GB SATA2 (3.0Gb/s)
    BenQ 16x DVD Writter

    I'm currently posting from that computer at stock speed.

    What's the maximum temp can this E6300 before I stop overclocking?

    The bad thing is, I'm on stock cooling, I can't afford to get a better one, but will upgrade it as soon as I get more money, for the time being, I'll with what I have. What's the maximum I can go with stock cooling?
  18. Damn, look at my idle temp.

    I don't even dare to do a stress test. I did a stress test for like 15 minutes, and the temp went up to 67C, and I stopped the stress test immediately.

    I think I really need to change the HSF to a much better one, but I can't afford one at the moment as I've spent quite some money today. :(

    I need to know what's the safe temperature for this C2D E6300's die?

    What should I do? Keep the settings and do stress test? Or lower it?

    This is one of the highest idle temp I've ever seen in my history of overclocking.


    Damn, I just found out the max temp for these C2D's.

    sSpec: SL9SA
    Model: E6300
    Internal Clock: 1.86 GHz
    External Clock: 1,066 MHz
    L2 Cache: 2 MB
    Transistor Count: 167 million
    Die Size: 111 mm2
    TDP: 65 W
    Max Temp. (º C): 61.4°C
    Voltage: 0.850V-1.3525V

    My 67C is definitely above the maximum of 61.4C. I hope no damage is done. :( I'm gonna lower the FSB for now I guess. :( Wish I hit a lottery, loaded with money, but I don't bet. :( So I can't get a better HSF anytime soon.
  19. do you really need 1.4 at that speed and those idle temps are quite high are you sure the HSF is on right?

    i would use 70C as limit(this is just my opinion on this because theres so many threads on core 2 temps)
  20. Thanks for reminding me, but I'm surprised, coz I'm pretty sure I set it at back to normal since I didn't overclock much.

    I just restarted my comp, I got into bios, and checked.
    The settings were [NORMAL] for Vcore. Underneath it says NORMAL = 1.325.

    Now I did the Manual setting to [1.325] and this is my new reading.

    That stupid setting saved me a couple C. For now, I see 4-6C lower, and I'm quite happy, although not too happy.

    I'm pretty sure I had everything installed right. The heat sink and the thermal paste, etc. It might be due to my room temperature, and my casing might not be that good, I might need to add another 2 small fans (back and side), and a big one on the front.

    So, for the 67C, the Intel specification states 61C, think I've made any damages?
  21. This is what I've got.

    I took 2 fans from my old computer, added a rear fan blowing outwards, a front fan blowing inwards.

    I decreased the Vcore to 1.30V.
    Increased to 338MHz FSB.


    After running slightly more than 30 minutes worth of full load Prime95.

    The full load temperature is running around 48-51C up and down as I observed.

    The idle temperature was around 39-40C.

    Any suggestion from others? I might just increase the FSB, till the temperature hit 60C full load, or increase Vcore when things gets unstable.

    I need to buy another side case fan.

    I don't know if I can hit 3GHz, I doubt it with my stock HSF, but I'll keep trying. :P
  22. your temps are looking much better now, just keep raising the FSB till you are unstable then raise the v core if you have got any room with your temps.
  23. I tried lowering the Vcore to 1.700V and everything ran very stable, and lost 4C, then I kept increasing the FSB.

    It's running at 2.66GHz (380MHz FSB), full load at 56C. Quite satisfied with it now, as I've spent total of only $635 + 6% tax. The limiting factor here now is the heatsink, and my bloody room temperature. :(

    I'll keep trying till I hit 60C full load, and keep you guys updated.
  24. what memory to you have?
  25. I tried lowering the Vcore to 1.700V and everything ran very stable, and lost 4C, then I kept increasing the FSB.

    are you sure about 1.700V thats really to high
  26. Currently running 7x 400MHz (2.80GHz) @ 1.20Vcore, idle 45C, full load 61C.

    2x 512MB Corsair DDR2 XMS2 Twin2X (4-4-4-12), currently running 1:1 at 800MHz, at 5-5-5-15, +0.1V. MemTest for 60 minutes without problem. Will do a longer test tonight.

    As for my cooling, I've upgraded, not the HSF, I'm still using stock HSF, but now, I have a total of 4x 8CM fan, and 1x 12CM fan, and of course a 12CM fan on my Cooler Master PSU.
  27. I'm clocked at 430MHz FSB (3.01GHz).
    I set Vcore up to 1.250V initially, and failed stability test after 2 hours.
    I set it up to 1.275V and have yet to give me problems, still doing Prime95 while writing here. 2 hours 49 minutes have elapsed since I run the test.

    Will go get some sleep, and wake up, hopefully without errors.
  28. Quote:

    2x 512MB Corsair DDR2 XMS2 Twin2X (4-4-4-12), currently running 1:1 at 800MHz, at 5-5-5-15, +0.1V. MemTest for 60 minutes without problem. Will do a longer test tonight.

    Thats 1.9v right? If you need more out of them set it at 2.2v
    2.2v is still very safe voltage for vDIMMs, it doesnt cause awful electron migration and your modules will last you long enough.
    Up to 2.4v will last you for 5+ years so thats the "safe" limit for 24/7 OCs.
  29. Vdimm at 2.1V.
    Vcore at 2.2875V
    FSB at 481MHz (3.367GHz)
    Idle: 45C
    Load: 59C (9 hours Prime95 so far no problem, still running)

    I guess I'm gonna stop here for now. I'm very happy with what I have now.

    Will keep running Prime95, hopefully nothing goes wrong. Gonna go to bed, when I wake up, time for some MemTest.

    I'll keep you guys updated.
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