Old Video Cards Performance Better?

I recently decided to upgrade my video card, I was running a Radeon 9800Pro 128MB I only play one game and that’s UT2k4 (Unreal Tournament 2004)

My system specs are as follows 8)

Windows XP Home SP2
AMD AthlonXP 2600+ @ 1.9Ghz
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe
1Gig (512x2) Corsair Ram DDR400 Dual Channel timings 6-3-3-2.5
SATA 35Gig 10,000RPM Western Digital Raptor (Main Drive) and 2 other storage drives 20GigMaxtor and 80GigWestern Digital.
SB Audigy 2 ZS
Antec True Power 430Watt PSU

With the R9800Pro card I could play UT2k4 at practically any resolution granted that I had all settings in Game down, I would get a solid 85fps which is all you can get online as there is a cap, will no matter how many players were on avg 8 to 18 I would not drop no more than 5fps and if the battles where real heavy maybe 10, and it played very smooth, and I could have a few settings up like shadows and turn the textures up a bit and I would still be good, and the GeForce T1 4400 128MB AGP that I had before hand was the same way just took a bigger hit with higher resolutions.

I upgraded from that R9800Pro to a GeForce 7600GS 128MB AGP, got the card pop it in loaded up my fav game thinking man I’m going to be able to run with more detail, which I was able to do, but to my surprise 8O I would lose almost half my FPS during a game with 2 or 3 players, and if more than that I was in the 30 40fps territory, so I turn all settings down nothing just bare minimum and the card still dropped in fps it didn’t matter if I had all settings up or down, so I sent that card back and got a X800 GTO 256MB, I figure since the G7600GS was clock at 400/266 and being 128bit with 128MB DDR2 that the X800 GTO clocked at 400/490 at 256bit with 256MB GDDR3 would solve my issue, well got that card and to my dismay it is doing the same thing but not as dramatic.

What’s going on?

Please help any info would be appreciated…

BTW, I Reinstalled the game twice, defragged a million times, did every possible tweak shutting off services, scanning for everything you name it, spy ware, virus, ran a registry cleaner, then I finally did a fresh clean install of WinXP both times for each card, made sure I had all the latest drivers for cards and every thing else in my system, I gave my R9800 to my little bro and gave the GeForce Ti 4400 that I also gave him to my moms dated machine, now I’m regretting that I tried to upgrade.

Can’t be my CPU as this was not an issue with the old AGP cards…
Why would cards almost 3years newer performance like this, I know it can’t be the cards as many seem to like them and get good performance out of them, and the new cards don't play as smooth as my old ones, I'm pretty sure it my do better in other games but for this one I'm stumped :?
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  1. do the new cards work other games fine? it could be lack of support for new cards in ur2004.
  2. I have 2 other games but nothing new, I use to play so many, but after I got hooked on UT99 I was sucked into the FPS genre, Iv tried others but UT is just great, UT2k3 was a flop and UT2k4 is just a polished 2k3 not going to go into all the crap about what’s wrong with it but after becoming very good in it with many upgrades to play on a higher level, like Logitech G5 Laser Mouse, Some serious headphones, even a T1 install, it’s a love hate thing with that game.

    I was holding off on building a new system until like mid 2007 or after X-mas when all the new goodies comes out, quad CPU’s, DX10cards, Vista, and what ever else and maybe after a few price drops, as I will build a rig to run UT2007, I know my system is becoming dated but for every thing else I’m doing it’s fine, was just going to get a better vid card seeing how affordable they are getting to run this game close to max for a few months, as I always have some friends waiting to buy my used hardware when I’m done with it.

    I don’t want to upgrade now to high end as the high end will pretty much lagging behind in a month or 2 after all the new hardware toys comes out, when I built my current system about 2 ½ -3 years ago I aim for some where close to the top but I don’t buy the best I did that twice with 2 pervious builds and got burned on one and the extra performance you get for going all out is not at all worth the cost, but if you are a enthusiast then it can be justified.

    I don’t think it’s an issue of game support, I might be missing something small but small enough to cause an issue something technical perhaps.

    But ideally if you turn all settings down you should get better performance, with both cards it didn’t matter if I max out all settings or had absolutely no settings I would take a almost 50% hit in Fps when in a battle with old cards that I had that was not the case and the hit is annoying because when your aiming with 85fps then it drops to 45 – 50 makes for a frustrating night of gamming.
  3. Have you downloaded the latest drivers? they often come with old ones.
  4. Ok I found a solution... :D

    For some reason or another my system, or game is having trouble running this game smoothly with new cards, my guess is it’s something technically deep, new card old system, well apparently the Direct3D render of this game is giving me crap performance from these new cards, after some searching and going though game and OS tweak guides I found where I can go into the .ini file and tell the game what render to use, I couldn’t use D3D9 (Direct 3D Direct X9) render as they removed it from the game so game was still using the basic driver o’l DX8, not sure why that would cause poor performance thou, well I went on and tried the OpenGL render and lord behold I got my smoothness back it ran very good very smooth and strong.

    So that seem to give me my performance back.

    Also I here that nVidia does OpenGL better than ATI cards, I still have this GeForce 7600 GS ready to go back, I’m going to try that card and decide which to keep.

    I looked at TH VGA Charts and the two seems very close in Performace but the G7600GS seems to do better with newer games.

    Well any how problem solved some what.

    Which card would you keep just want to get some opinions?

    GeForce 7600 GS, 400/266 GDDR2 256MB 128bit (XFX)
    Radeon X800 GTO, 400/490 GDDR3 256MB 256bit (Sapphire)

    The numbers look good on the GTO, but the GS is comparable.
  5. The GS you are talking about isnt the same as in the toms hardware benchmarks. If i see the specs, the GTO has to be better.
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