Asus Wireless PCI - PSU problem?


my friend bought a wireless pci card yesterday after having a few usb wireless adapters die on him over the past year.

When he installs it his computer his computer either boots normally but without detecting the card or it boots without a display.

I installed it in my computer, it worked, "New Hardware Found" so we figured it was a conflict within his computer. I left it in and continued doing whatever i was doing when about 5 minutes later PC Probe opens and starts beeping. Nothing wrong with cpu/mobo temps or fan speeds so i flicked through the other menus to discover the 12V rail on my 450W PSU is dipping into the red which PC Probe doesnt like.

Anyone know whats going on? I wouldnt have thought a little pci wireless card would draw much current... His PSU is 400W and theyre both cheapish no-name.

Much appreciated if anyone can help
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  1. I guess his power supply is browning out. See if there are any settings for the wireless card to limit its range and and reduce its draw.

    I had a 460w ps that claimed 24amps but constantly browned out at much less. I ended up putting a 2nd power supply in my 5-1/4 bays and linking their signal lines together and using the 2nd one for my vid card and a few fans.

    Also keep the wireless card in the PCI slot as far away from your vid card as you can so they don't interfere.

    Alot of power supplies have 12v rails split into a couple parts, each part having its own amps, maybe its possible for him to change his vid card's power in to another cable from his ps.

    When you test it in your computer and your pc probe goes off, touch the chip on the wireless card and see how hot they are. Is his system overclocked, if so maybe the overclocking of the PCI bus' is a prob too.

    I use wireless USB keys with USB extension cords on my computers, they're a good way to go.
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