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Hi guys,
I'm planning on getting an ex.hdd to store music,pictures,movies,etc.
Now would it be a good idea to also store my games on the ex.hdd ?
And just use my Hd in my pc to run windows xp and other smaller software (messenger ,skype,TS, and stuff).
Will i gain something if i store it all on a ex. HDD ?


Specs : pentium D 3.2Ghz
windows XP
2 gigs of RAM
and some other stuff...
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  1. I have not tried this, but I would think that the external drive would be a lot slower transfering data than your regular drive.
  2. Yeah it'd work...but why would you want to? USB doesn't have the bandwidth of IDE or SATA; maybe you'd be better off waiting and buying an e-sata compatible external drive. External SATA is just as fast as internal, which means its pretty darn fast. Are you using a desktop or a laptop?
  3. I have a desktop.

    When will E-SATA be in the shops ?
  4. Not sure. You can buy external e-sata enclosures right now, but you'll need a SATA hard-drive drive to stick in there, along with an e-sata pci card or pass-through adapter to connect the drive to the SATA headers on your motherboard. Honestly, given that you've got a desktop, why would you want an external drive, anyway? For your photos and music it makes some sense; you can just unplug the external drive and take it anywhere. Just buy another internal hard-drive if you need more space for games.
  5. k ,thx for the input .
  6. eSATA enclosures are widely availble at major online retailers.
    An SATA enclosure doesn't require an SATA hard drive!

    Some enclosures support both IDE and SATA drives and have (e)SATA, USB 2.0 and Firewire.

    Any combination you need is likely provided by two or three models at the least.


    eSATA sends a stronger signal, accepts a weaker one compared to regular SATA, extending the cable length from 3ft to 6ft.

    Most adapters and some devices use the physical eSATA connector, but don't change the electronics.
  7. e-sata ext. hdd are too expansive right now External Hard Drives > interface : eSATA

    you'd be better of getting a second internal hdd and raid0
  8. Thx for the tips guys :)
  9. All external hard drive are overpriced.

    Buy a normal drive add a $10-45 external enclosure.

    Enjoy a full warranty and the ability to swap drives or enclosures whenever you like.
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