Install Vista on one Hard Drive, Windows 7 on Hard Drive 2

Dear Tom's ppls,

I have Vista installed on my Hard Drive, 250 GB.

But i recently purchased a 2nd Hard Drive, 500 GB, and i want to install Windows 7 on it.

Is that possible, to have both separately?
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    Yes, boot the W7 dvd, select custom instalation and select the new drive to install on. When the instalation is completed, you will have a menu at boot time to choose Vista or W7.
  2. Vista and Windows 7 are basically the same (only windows 7 a little bit better), why would you want to have it in dual boot?

    You should do a backup of your important files and work with windows 7.
  3. its only till i borrow an External drive to copy then paste all of my files...

    my external HDD was stolen 2 weeks ago...
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