XP Install problems on MSI 975X

Hi there,

I recently upgraded my motherboard from a system with an Athlon XP2800 to the following:

MSI 975X Platinum Power Up edition Mobo
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
1GB DDR2 667 Ram (2x512 sticks)
Intel stock fan
Asus En6200TC512 graphics PCI
(MObo preassembled from the following link - http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpage.html?MBB-C2D6PU

And used the parts from my old system
300GB Hard Drive
Pioneer DVD Burner
450W PSU
Floppy Drive

Ive been trying to install XP Pro on the hard drive (which was fully formated and I've had the following problems:

When doing the initial copying of the installation (i.e before the first reboot which takes you to the screen with how much time is remaining etc):

Copied and rebooted and the system basically doesnt realise anything has happened - i.e. does the copy and paste process all over again and reboots - repeating the process.

Blue screen of death message twice during this copy and paste process (Once with 0x8081a8b3 0xf80c2948 0x00000000)

System hanging during the copy and paste.

On one occasion I got through to the screen which says how much time is remaining etc but it went to the blue screen after 5 mins.

Worryingly, when the system hangs and I press REset, the system resets but then hangs on the MSI screen with the spaceship - this has happened a lot.

Anyone any ideas? With the system hang, I thought it may be underpowered ram (As I read this before its at 1.8V default - so upped to 1.9V - but the ram sold by Novatech is stated asbeing 1.8V ram so I wasnt sure about upping it further)
Is it due to the fact my copy of XP is 4 years old i.e. does not have any service packs built in? ITs pretty annoying as I spent allthis cash on a new system and canny get it to boot!

Any help at all is much appreciated.


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  1. I don't know all of the details on this yet. Your board has two different storage controllers, Intel's ICH7R and JMicron's JMB361. You need to figure out which one you've plugged your HD into and make sure it's setup correctly. I've seen the almighty Crashman note that you need to make sure the JMicron controller is set to IDE or ATA mode and not RAID before installing windows and also make sure the onboard Intel controller doesn't have any RAID features enabled.

    (Sorry for the plagiarism Crashman)
  2. Cheers - The hard drive is connected to the ATA Hard Disk Connector (Primary Serial COnnector) - sorry I dont know any more than this!!! Theres no other HD on the cable so its the only device - the DVD ROM is the only device on the secondary serial connector.

    But I have noticed that the BIOS is not detecting either of these - I went into the BIOS and no HDD or CDROMs are detected at all which I think is the reason that,onthe occasions the system deosnt hand, it goes round in circles i.e.

    BIOS doesnt see the HDD - so boots from CDROM - so begins to copy the windows files over - reaches 100% and resets as normal in the installation process......but then as the HDD is not seen by the bios, it happens all over again ie ......BIOS doesnt see the HDD - so boots from CDROM - so begins to copy the windows files over - reaches 100% and resets as normal in the installation process......

    Does this seem logical? Is there a way to set up the bios to get past this? I dont have any sata drives, and I tried to figure out which storage connector its on but wasnt sure - if I now try to boot with nothing in the floppy or cd drives i get the following message

    PXE E61 Media test failure check cable
    PXE M0F Existing Intel boot agent

    Any ideas? Ive checked the cable and its fine - tried two different cables - same story.....
  3. Read through your motherboard manual to learn how to setup the BIOS correctly and to check to make sure it's setup like I noted earlier.
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