Year end video upgrade or total rebuild.. your thoughts plea

Well my brain is hurting trying to figure out which way to go on this one. I have a 3.0 ghz p4, 2 gigs of ram and i just ordered a 7600gt. I enjoy gaming, after work on the machine, so I'm not looking for a budget cpu and gpu to overclock.
I'm trying to figure out if this system will run new games like Vanguard etc, or should i just upgrade to a e6600 conroe system, but that will be a large investmnt.
The thing thats sticking in my mind is, 1 dx10 cards are coming soon, and 2 the quadcore cpus are coming soon. . I'm confused so I appreciate your feedback.


ps still waiting for my 7600gt agp to arrive, but i got 30 days on the return timer if it's not up to the tasks ahead =) :twisted:
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  1. If you have the money, I would wait for the quad cores, pick up one of them and get a good DX10 card mixed with some good RAM. You will be set for a while after that!
  2. i agree. the 7600gt is a good bet for now.

    dx10 cards and quad cores as well as vista are still far enough out that i would not consider building a new machine at this time.

  3. QX6700 is going to be 1200 bucks when it comes out, which I'm sure is way out of your price range. The other quad-cores will also be priced decently high when they come out next year, so if you want Price Per Performance, get a dual-core. However, if you want gaming performance, graphics cards are your best bet.

    We can say this about DX10 cards, they will totally dominate (not in a S&M fashion) any game out right now and any graphics cards. Only thing to worry about is the price. Even if no games that support DX10 will be out, these cards should be able to destroy DX9 games. But then again, this is all speculation. I would wait for some preliminary G80 benchmarks to come out, and then decide.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I would wait also. I think that you should be fine with your 7600gt until mid to late next year. Enjoy it while you can, cause who know what kind of market we will be in next year.
  5. The post are very interesting cause we too are waiting for the better. I can say investing in a dx10 first generation card is a sure risk. Most of us here learn from each other mistakes and me for one being a sucker in first generations has made me think more mature about reading white paper, specially after the physix card. I know how hard it is to keep buying and buying and never having any money for the stuff we should be buying like clothes, shoes, underwear or panties
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