P5W DH Deluxe Wierd Problem

MSI Neo-F P965
Conroe E6600
Hiper Type-R Red Label 580W
Corsair 5400 2x512MB - 1024MB
Everything works fine. So I decided to buy new board P5W DH DL.
I installed everything, and it boot up fine. So I downloaded bios. I misstake and took older bios than it was on the board and homepage. Because bios that came with board was able to alove me to update bios. But after flashing to that old bios. I boot up computer and after that I reboot because I wanted to get into bios. Thats it.
When I boot up computer I get no signal with monitor, and my keyboard dont respond. I get no screen. Have I destroyd my motherboard? Have I corrupt bios? Because Fan are spinning, everything sems to be on but no screen, I check cabel with graphic card but nothing. I hear no Beep.
Have I corrupt bios? I havent tried to start without HDD or DVD
I use only SATA no IDE.
Any help would be great :(
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  1. The old BIOS you have used is not compatible with the Conroe E6600 you have, the only way to resolve this is to get a P4 or Celeron CPU (LGA775 compatible) to power up the system and re-flash... In the worst case scenario you will have to purchase this to dig yourself out of this hole... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819112207
  2. So there's the problem? Sounds kinda easy, if I could borrow 775 cpu?
    That should work right?

    I mean is that the reason I dont get any screen except black screen when I boot up computer? So I have to use another CPU to recover bios. Can I re-flash bios on other motherboard? Like taking it out from P5W and put it on other motherboard, like HotSwap.
  3. Yes that is the issue, seen it before myself... Get an old 775 CPU, flash to BIOS 1407 from the Asus website, put your CPU back in and everything will work...
  4. Thank you!
    I will try to get old cpu and try with it.
    I let you know if it work again :)
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