Mx revolution and,DPF or momo steering will. worth the price

easy. I'd like to know if paying 63€ for a mx revolution and 110€ for a logitech momo wheel are worth the price. could someone tell me what's good and bad about them.
and about the wheels which one do you prefere? I've read some people buying the ps2 version of DPF made it work on the pc.
I'm waiting for your answers.
thx :wink:
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  1. I bought the MX mouse 2weeks ago. I can assure you that it is god dam awesome mouse because the scroll runs really smooth compare to rubber wheel. the battery last 18 days fully charged. I strongly recommend you recharge the mouse every time you aren't using it.

    This mouse has 2 types of scroll features:
    a/ the click-click scroll enable user to scroll like traditional rubber mouse that has high resistance.

    b/ the free-spin scroll enables user to scroll smoothly without the high resistance feeling when you roll the wheel.

    The aluminum wheel is very well designed. I bought the ernermax aluminum keyboard to match this mouse. The enermax keyboard is much cheaper than the new logitech aluminum version, which will be on sale soon.
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