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I'm having a problem transferring files from my wired desktop PC (running Windows XP SP2) to my Powerbook (running OS X 10.4.3) using wireless. They're both connected to a Linksys WRT54G v3.0 running 4.20.7.

I connect directly to the laptop from Windows and start copying a file, and for a while it transfers at a reasonable speed (about 24Mbps), but then randomly it will just plummet to about 0.5Mbps. It will only transfer at this reduced speed until I close off the connection and re-connect to the laptop. Then I can repeat the same process.

This happens randomly, but consistently. Sometimes it will happen about 40MB into the transfer, sometimes about 200MB, but it always happens. The laptop is literally 1 foot from the AP, so connection quality isn't the issue. Yes, I'm fully aware that I can use wired when it's that close, but that's besides the point. :P

The router is running WEP and in G-Only mode, with Frame Burst enabled. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
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  1. Personally i would leave it going over night. Thats what i do with major downloads or file transfers.
  2. Try moving your laptop away from your AP (about 20 yards) and see what happens then... That's the same with IrDA and Bluetooth, devices can also be placed too "close" to each other :P
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