Trouble with new pc.

I just built my first system this week.
Conroe e6400
2gb OCZ gold ram
BFG 7600gt
LiteOn DVD RW drive
gigabyte 965 DS3 mobo
Aspire xplorer case.

I just started experiencing problems with the disc drive earlier this night. It will not auto play anything except a burned disc with image files on it. I have tried everything from Half Life disc to Office. I try to go into My Comp. but when I click on the Disc drive, My Computer screen freezes and the whole system usually has to be shut down somehow because the start icon disappears and my desktop Icons.

This all happened after I was installing Half Life 2 (game of the year edition) and my computer asked for the 3rd disc to continue installation. I put the 3rd disc in and the little install box did nothing and so did the disc drive.

what is happening???
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  1. could be a faulty optical drive, dosent sound like windows prob, i reckon its your liteon....geez i dont like them any way.

    It was windows itself, or rather a virus, spyware etc... I ran system restore and the problem disappeared. I was able to install a game (which was the only thing I tried).

    Thank you for responding.
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