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Hello All,

I am running an ASUS P4P800 Deluxe MB. I put it into my homebuilt system a few years back. I have had some issues with graphics cards needing to be pulled out and reseated each time I installed a new one. Now I have a problem that pulling out and pushing back in is not solving.

My old card is kind of a Poopy GeForce6200 256. I am replacing it with a GeForce 7600GS (512mb). I have a power unit plugged into it, and I know that it is getting something because when I turn on my system it turns the cards fan on. But alas, nothing happens with the monitor. Its like it isnt recieving any signal. I was able to put back my old card in, but this is kind of an annoyance. I have a spare MB (P4P800-E Deluxe) and could it be the Mobo cand handle a card that only does 8XAGP? And if I do pull out my old mobo, and plug everything into the new one, do I have to do a full windows re-install? Or will the Hard Drive handle it ok? Or is it as simple as flashing a new BIOS? Thanks guys.

Brian A. Neuman
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  1. I would try using better psu, but that is only ofter i reset the bios. Anyway,

    1.What's your psu's spec
    2.Did u accidentally knock/loosen ur ram's clip? I nvr saw/use your mobo, but some mobo have very small gap between ram clip and installed agp card, esp a long one

    Hope this helps a bit, good luck
  2. First off, the P4P800 does AGP 8x, at least according to Asus. So I doubt that's the problem. The problem could be one a few things:

    1. Card is fried or bad. Just because the fan is spinning doesn't mean it's working right. Recommendation: hook up the spare mobo w/ just the RAM and CPU and video card installed. if it doesn't work in the spare mobo, the card is fried... maybe. read below...

    2. Power supply isn't enough. 350W powersupply is recommended for that card. Recommendation: check ur powersupply output.

    3. BIOS is screwed up. Recommendation: Clear the BIOS/CMOS/NVRAM (whichever applies)

    And if I do pull out my old mobo, and plug everything into the new one, do I have to do a full windows re-install? Or will the Hard Drive handle it ok? Or is it as simple as flashing a new BIOS? Thanks guys.

    Yes, it should work without a hitch since almost everything is identical.
  3. Thanks for the response guys,

    My PSU shouldnt be a problem, as it is a 430W. So I am not concerned about that. And my RAM isnt a problem as well. I am thinking less it is the motherboard, because I am able to hook up my old VID Card to it. Now granted, I have had problems with having to kind of play with the video card connectors before, and I dont really want to pay to have someone see if they cant fix this retarded issue, but it is aggravating. It's tempting to change out the MOBO anyhow, but I was scared out of my mind when I built the computer the 1st time, and I am afraid it will take all day.

    One more thing about the PSU, since I have 1 DVD, 1 CD-ROM/RW, 3 Hard Drives, and 7 Fans (Plus the usual stuff, sound cards, USB Hub and plugins) could I be overtaxing my PSU? Maybe Disconnect one of my Hard Drives?

    And I didnt hit any of my RAM clips, they are pretty much out of the way.
  4. Nah, 430W is plenty. I've got all of the following on a 485W PSU:

    2 7800 GTX's in SLI
    AMD 4800+ OC'd to 2.8Ghz (Toledo core)
    2x 10,000 RPM Raptors
    1x 250GB HDD
    1x 320GB HDD
    2x DVD/CDRW burners
    4 120mm fans
    Wireless NIC
    6 USB devices
    2GB of DDR500

    I am close to maxed out though... my system crashes w/ higher OC's
  5. So I guess I have 2 options left...Change out Mobo, or exchange the card....I al thinking I should exchange the card....yes?
  6. 430 watt PS are not all equal. You still havent said the make of the PS.
    I would try the ps first. go to best buy or something like that and take it back if it doesnt make a difference.

    The best choice if it is possible would be to get a pci-e mb and video card anyway.
  7. Sorry...

    It is an Antec 430W PSU....

    Does this help a bit more to know what I have?

  8. thats a decent ps.
    try the video in the other mb as already suggested.
    if it doesnt work in the other one send it back.
    However if you have been having trouble with the agp slot as you have seem to suggest in your previous post I would suggest it is time to buy a new mb with pci-e.
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