Radeon 9800 Pro to XFX 7600 GT - Performance problems

First of all I'd like to say HI!

I'm new here and I hope you guys can help me with your Informations and Knowledge about Computers. I heard only good things about the THW Frorumz :)


My System:
Win XP Pro SP1
AMD 3500+ 2,2 Ghz *the one with 512kb/s cache*
XFX 7600 GT
1 Gb Ram PATRIOT PC - 3200

I recently got rid of my old Radeon plus my Asus A8V Deluxe and installed the Asus A8N SLI Deluxe and the new GPU. After installing all my Drivers I had my PC 3D Benchmark tested with 3DMARK 2005 and I got around 6300 Points. I used to get around 2700 with my old Setup.

According to 3D Mark my Score is about half as good as the best Score out there with my system so that proofs that there is something going on that is not letting my Comp to work as good as it supposed to.

My actual problem so far is with CounterStrike Source. Ever since I installed this new Card, my fps in the game are really weird. Depending on the Map I feel like my GPU is working on its full potential whenever it wants. F.e at one second, everything runs perfectly smooth, the next second my frames drop really really low <50 fps... It wasnt this bad with my old Radeon. I know that the more "things" happen on my screen (liek explosions or w/e) the less fps I got, but it does this whenever it wants regardless.

I installed the newest WHQL Drivers. The newest drivers from Guru3d.com and the latest I have is a tuned driver from NVO.

I just feel like my Computer is not running good at all, the performance is really really bad and I'm 100% Positiv that my Comp supposed to run alot better.

What do you guys think I did wrong?

All nForce drivers are installed too.

Oh and earlier today I had this weird problem. I had alot of flickering on my Monitor. When i turned the Reefreshrate down from 85Hz 1280x 1024 to 60Hz 1280 x 1024 the flickering disapeared.... Put it back to 85Hz and it started flickering again...
Now it doesnt flicker anymore for some reason but the reason why I'm mentioning this is because I have a feeling that my GPU might be defectiv.

Please help me out with this issue and please dont mind my grammatikal errors. I'm German ^_^
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  1. Your score of 6300 in 3dmark05 seems about right with your configuration.
    Also, in games such as CS:S, your performance really can vary as you play and why pay attention to the fps at any given time as long as the gameplay is fluid. If you're using the default graphics settings (which will get bumped up with your new card), the 7600GT, while superior to the 9800 Pro, can only do so much more, and while it may improve the visual effects, it may not improve the fps in a game such as CS:S unless you dial down the settings.
    BTW, your grammar and spelling, while not perfect, is better than some who speak english as a first language.
  2. When you swapped motherboards, did you do a clean OS install?
  3. The reason your score is about half the best, is that the best includes SLi setups based on two 7600GTs. 3Dmark doesnt show which are SLi in the result browser.
  4. First let me say your new GPU has a lot more to do. SM3 in CS:S can make new GPU's as slow as old GPU's without SM3. The picture differance is worth it and much more. You now have full harware support for DX9 which looks much better but will cost you performance.

    Now firstly do not turn down your settings as there is a better thing. You can cap your FPS by hitting "~" and typing "fps_max 50" and your fps will stay at or only a little below 50. There is 2 good reasons for this. 1 is it allows more CPU time for your connection which lowers latency. My son sees a drop of around 10 latency. Secondly lag hacks can drop you down to 5 or 6 fps. This skips most of frames to counter the lag hack. You can set the fps_max to any number but I suggest lower than your average.
  5. Hi !

    Thank you all so far.

    I do know that my Graphic Setting went skyhigh automatically since I have a newer System. I already turned everything down and my Computer feels like its running worse at times than my old Radeon.

    And YES I installed WIndows XP new. While installing it, it asked me if i want to overwrite my old Windows XP on my C: driver and I said YES. I guess it uninstalled my old OP....

    I know there is something wrong...

    What Drivers would you guys suggest I should install? The WHQL Certified ones or Beta ones from Guru3D?

    What is the right sequence to install new Drivers after a "fresh" OS installation. As far as I know and how I did is this:

    1st Chipset Drivers
    2nd GPU Drivers
    3rd DirectX9.c
    4th Sounddrivers etc.

    Thank you!
  6. Can noone tell me what the right sequence installing Drivers is , after a new OS installation?
  7. I Upgrade the OS and DX9c before I upgrade the GPU drivers. I dont think it make any differance as if you upgrade everything it should all end up the same.

    Back to the problem with Counter Strike Source. You may need to check you CS:S downloads for corrution. I forget what its called buts its were you defragment CS:S. Its in valves menu's and you can left click on CS:S and it should be the bottom option.
  8. I'm not sure if I understand his problem fully, but is there a possibility that his PSU is on the upper limits? I know generally if you upgrade the GPU, one usually will have more drain on the PSU. Not sure if this is the case, but I thought I might throw that out there.
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